Standard Chartered Home Loan Packages

Standard Chartered Home Loan

Which Standard Chartered Home Loan Package Best Suits You?

A home is an investment everyone wants to have. But unfortunately, not all are financially capable of buying it. 

Thankfully, there are banks and money lending facilities that provide financial support. One of them is Standard Chartered Singapore. 

Find out how the institution can help you secure the house you want. Learn more about the Standard Chartered Home Loan. 

Different Standard Chartered Home Loan Packages 

Standard Chartered Home Loan is not your typical loan. Instead, it offers different packages that indeed fit your house needs. 

Standard Chartered Home Loan Packages 


Decrease the interest on your mortgage loan the savvy way. MortgageOne helps you save more by offsetting the mortgage loan interest through:

Savings: For every deposit, you earn excess interest. These earnings will reduce the outstanding loan principal. Thus, it offsets your loan interest. 

Short Loan Period: Your monthly instalments go directly to your principal repayment. That’s why it lessens your loan period. 

Transparency: Singapore’s Standard Chartered Home Loan rates are Fixed Deposit Rate (FDR) or SIBOR (Singapore Interbank Offered Rate).

Flexibility: Withdraw your deposits anytime you need. It works the same, just like your other deposit accounts. 

Interest Rate: Based on the 3-month FDR and SIBOR, including the margin for the Bank. 

Two-thirds of your deposit follows the same rate as the mortgage loan. But, it is subject to the most limit of the principal loan. The rest of the deposits have an interest of 0.25% p.a. 

Loanable Amount: The starting loan amount in MortgageOne is $100,000. 

Be mindful that MortgageOne is perfect for private residential property only. The processing fee is the least of your concerns. 

Home Suite

Home Suite is a top choice of the Standard Chartered Home Loan package. It helps build your home with a bundle of convenience such as the following:

Home Loan: Home Suite allows you to put up your house while gaining excellent benefits like: 

  • Receive financing up to 75% of your house needs. 
  • The current account holder has a Master Card or Debit Card.
  • Platinum Credit Cardholders enjoy exclusive privileges.

Online and Mobile Banking: Standard Chartered Home Loan status is more accessible. Check out your payment and remaining deposits through your device. Also, receive an e-statement every month or for every repayment. 

Loanable Amount: The least loan size you can apply for is $100,000. 

Interest Rate: Mortgage loan under Home Suite is calculated based on the fixed margin and the Bank’s prevailing rate per annum. The latter must be established on a 36-month Singapore Dollar Time Deposit. 

Home Suite is applicable for both completed and under-construction building properties. In addition, it does not have a processing fee, so save yourself from paying more than you imagine. 

Note: SBC Home loan’s approval will still depend on your required document’s validity.

HDB Home Suite

Standard Chartered Home Loan also packages an HDB Home Suite. The features are more than the ordinary home loan. 

Home Loan: Take out the proper financial help for your dream home. Standard Chartered Home Loan helps you get the best loan you need. 

Repayment: Pay off your loan in two different ways, either through a Debit Card or a Mastercard. That’s if you have a current account with Standard Chartered Bank.

If you have a Platinum Credit Card, settle your monthly obligation using it. Plus, it lets you enjoy exclusive privileges that come with it. 

Loanable Amount: Standard Chartered HDB Home Suite can finance up to 75%. The starting loan amount will be $100,000. 

Online and Mobile Banking: Knowing your Standard Chartered Home Loan status is more accessible. 

With your device, you can check out your payment and remaining deposits. Also, receive an e-Statement every month or for every repayment. 

Interest Rate: Mortgage loan under Home Suite is calculated based on the fixed margin and the Bank’s prevailing rate per annum. The latter must be established on a 36-month Singapore Dollar Time Deposit. 

Apply for HDB Home Suite regardless of whether it’s a completed or under-construction building property. The mortgage loan does not charge a processing fee. 

HDB Bridging Loan 

HDB Bridging Loan indeed stands by its name. It is a Standard Chartered Home Loan that funds down payment for the new property. At the same time, you are still waiting for the sale proceeds of your existing property. 

Fees: HDB Bridging Loan has no processing fees or upfront arrangement fees. Also, it does not charge for monthly instalments. 

Interest Rates: This Standard Chartered Home Loan offers a competitive interest rate. It is at 3M SIBOR with 2.00% per annum. 

Note: First-time buyers and contra-transactions aren’t qualified to apply for this loan package. 

Loan Tenure: HDB Bridging Loan of Standard Chartered has a loan period of six months. 

As long as you are eligible to apply, the loan application is fast and hassle-free. To secure loan approval, plan to sell a property and buy a new HDB flat. 

Commercial and Industrial Property Loan

Mortgage Loans offered by Standard Chartered also include commercial property loans. It helps in financing with attractive interest rates. 

Interest Rates: Standard Chartered Home Loan adheres to the transparent fixed base interest rates given to SIBOR. Besides that, the financial institution offers a competitive range for every applicant. Thus providing a worry-free long-term investment. 

Plans: Commercial Property Loan has a wide range of programs. Choose between 1, 3, or 12 months of SIBOR pricing. 

Online and Mobile Banking: Standard Chartered Home Loan status is more accessible. Check out your payment and remaining deposits through your device. Also, receive an e-Statement every month or for every repayment. 

Standard Chartered Commercial and Industrial Property Loans do not charge a processing fee. 

Standard Chartered Home Loan has a broad scope of packages. Choose wisely which type seems fit for your home financing. 

Standard Chartered Home Loan Eligibility Requirements

It is essential to review first the bank’s eligibility criteria. This way, you can see if you are qualified to apply for a Standard Chartered Home Loan product. 

Generally, you can apply for a Standard Chartered home loan if you’re 21 to 65 years old. People who can take a home loan are Singapore citizens or permanent residents. SCBS also accept foreign customers. Another requirement is your annual income.

For Singapore citizens or permanent residents, you must be earning at least $30,000 a year. While for foreigners, you should be making an annual income of at least $36,000.

Applicants with an existing credit account or residential property loans cannot get a home loan. 

For the HDB Bridging Loan, the bank has the same age and nationality requirement, except that the borrower must be selling an HDB flat or any private property. At the same time, the borrower should buy another flat from an HDB or resale market. 

Note: Sold properties of flat owners must also be borrowers. And the first-time buyers and contra-transactions aren’t qualified to apply for this loan package. 

Standard Chartered Home Loan Rates Singapore 2021

Based on Standard Chartered Home Loan packages, here is the summary of home loan rates:

Standard Chartered Private Property Home Loan Rates
Standard Chartered Building Under Construction Home Loan Rates
Standard Chartered HDB Home Loan Rates
HDB Home Loan Rates (June 8, 2021)
Standard Chartered Under Construction HDB Home Loan Rates

Comparing Standard Chartered interest rates for home loans is crucial. It’s due to frequent changes. However, the Bank offers competitive rates. 

Using Standard Chartered Home Loan Calculator

The bank’s home loan calculator gives you a sneak peek of how much repayments you’re obligated to make. It’s one way to assess your financial capacity to get a home loan.

You can find the home loan calculator when you browse Standard Chartered Bank Singapore’s website, specifically on the mortgage page. 

Quick Tips To Apply For Standard Chartered Home Loan Singapore

Taking out a mortgage loan from Standard Chartered is easy if you follow these steps. 

Complete your documents 

Check if you have the correct and complete document needed. Then, submit it to the banking institution. 

Understanding the differences between home loan packages 

Listen to the Mortgage Specialists while discussing the different home loan packages. Then, compare each one and decide which you think best fits you. Finally, be advised that the Bank will issue a Letter of Offer. 

The signing of the Letter of Offer

Read the Letter of Offer and be sure to understand everything stated. Also, take note of the fees included in the loan offer.

Be mindful that loan cancellation after signing the Letter of Offer has a penalty. You have to settle 0.75% of the unclaimed loan amount. So, think first before signing the agreement. 

Standard Chartered Home Loan truly offers financial support for your home-buying journey. But you must pick the right package to secure your dream house. Otherwise, you’ll pay off penalties for the money you didn’t even use. 

Money for Home Improvements

Aside from home loans, you can also find renovation loans for home improvements. Unlike home loans, which ought to be a long-term debt, renovation loans are a short-term debt type. 

Please note that this type of loan is only for home renovations, not to get a property. If you’re wondering where to get a renovation loan, licensed moneylenders are the best place to get one. 

One of the trusted money lending company in Singapore is Cash Mart. Cash Mart offers various instant cash loan products. Aside from Cash Mart’s renovation loan, the company also offers payday loans and business loans

Final Thoughts

Secure your new home while you’re staying at home. With Standard Chartered Home Loan, you can apply conveniently without leaving home. You’ll only need a gadget and an internet connection. 

Get pre-approved in two minutes, then talk to loan executives. Be verified the same day you submit your documents. Then, take out your quick cash after signing the Loan Contract. 

Furthermore, personal loans cover the down payment or the monthly instalments. Also, it assists you in renovating your new home. 

The instant cash lets you finish the work without sacrificing your other budget. Plus! Living in a fully furnished house is much better than a half-completed one. 

Cash Mart Singapore resolves your financial dilemma without compromising its integrity and excellence. It helps you seal the deal of your new home. And it can further assist you with other money matters that concern your house.  

Experience a hassle-free home-buying adventure when you apply for a Cash Mart Renovation Loan.

Things To Know About UOB Car Loan Singapore

UOB Car Loan

Things You Should Know About UOB Car Loan Singapore

When taking up a car loan, you should take it seriously. It is indeed a long-term debt that requires you to weigh your financial abilities. You need to have bold decision-making towards it. Before you decide, familiarise yourself first with car loans. 

UOB is one of the top-ranking banks in Singapore and has plenty to offer, including a car loan service. We’ll dig deeper and discover more about UOB Car Loans.

United Overseas Bank: Why People Trust UOB

Since 1935, UOB, formerly United Chinese Bank, has consistently served residents in Singapore. Many individuals have benefited from UOB’s products and services. For more than 80 years, UOB has built its reputation and gained the trust of its customers. 

UOB developed and continuously grew stronger. From its humble beginnings, the bank has now reached 19 markets in the world. UOB commits to providing the best financial services to its customers. In fulfilling the commitment, UOB earned countless awards and accolades throughout these years. 

UOB car loan

Know more about UOB Car Loans Singapore

Here’s the primary thought about how the car loan works. This type of loan is about borrowing money from a lender and used to buy a car. You are then obliged to repay your borrowed money, the principal amount plus interest rate. 

Car loans are known to be secured type loans. If you fail to repay your loan, the bank has the right to repossess your vehicle. 

Now, if you want to take a car loan, consider UOB. The bank offers two types of car loans with features that clients will love!

Two Types of UOB Car Loan

UOB has two different types of car loans – UOB Car Loan and UOB COE Car Loan.

Things you need to Know about UOB Auto Loan Singapore 

Among all banks in the country, UOB is one of the ranking banks for car loan services. Here’s why:

Features and Benefits of UOB Car Loan

  • Competitive UOB Car Loan interest rates: Interest rates for New Cars are 2.68% per annum, with effective interest rates ranging from 4.91% to 5.09%. In contrast, Used Car has an interest rate of 2.78%, with effective interest rates from 5.32% to 6.03%.
  • Paperless application: Apply online in ten minutes through UOB’s online platform. With MyInfo, you can leverage your data and won’t need to fill in any details. Plus, there’s no need to submit your income documents.
  • Loan Quantum: Get a loan quantum of up to 70% of the vehicle’s sale price. Or, it could be the bank’s valuation, whichever is lower.
  • Loan Tenure: Repay your borrowed money for up to seven years.
  • Easy Repayment Method: Pay fixed monthly instalments over time till you complete your obligation.

Things you need to Know about UOB COE Car Loan

COE Car Loan is only applicable to used cars. COE or Certificate of Entitlement is a license to register and use a vehicle in Singapore. Without such, you cannot get any car or other vehicles like a motorcycle or a truck. 

This license has ten years of validity. Once the license expires, you have the option to extend your COE for another five years to ten years. But note that your vehicle’s lifespan plays a vital role. First, it helps to determine the duration of the renewal. 

For a ten-year revalidation, you can extend your COE for up to 20 years. That is if you have enough cash in hand ready for repayments. But on the five-year revalidation, you can never renew your car’s lifespan once its timeframe ends. 

With all that said, COE Car means the person has already renewed the license for another five to ten years. So, if you can picture it out, the vehicle is now older than ten years. 

Yet, UOB has its terms and conditions for COE Car Loan. 

UOB has only a maximum of five years tenure for the revalidated COE of five years. On the other hand, UOB offers a maximum of seven years tenure for a ten-year revalidated COE.

Read on and discover more.

Features and Benefits of UOB COE Car Loan

  • Competitive UOB COE Car Loan interest rates: Take advantage of the fixed interest rate of COE Car (greater than ten years to eleven years) which is 3.25% per annum. The effective interest rates range from 6.17% up to 7.04%. 
  • Paperless application: Finish your car loan application in ten minutes through UOB’s online platform. With MyInfo, you can leverage your data and won’t need to fill in any details. Plus, there’s no need to submit your income documents. You can download an application form from UOB if you prefer to apply traditionally. 
  • Loan Quantum: Enjoy a loan quantum of up to 70%.
  • Loan Tenure: UOB offers a loan tenure of up to seven years for revalidated COEs.
  • Easy Repayment Method: Pay fixed monthly instalments over time till you complete your obligation. 

UOB partnered with known auto brands and car dealers in Singapore. A few of them are the following: 

  • Audi
  • Mazda
  • Nissan
  • Subaru
  • Carousell
  • Cycle & Carriage
  • Inchcape
  • Performance Premium Selection Limited 

Choose which car dealer you would like to buy a car. Then, get assisted by a car dealer’s staff, provided that you present all necessary documents. But if you want to skip that process, apply through UOB’s online platform using your MyInfo. 

Commonly Asked Questions About UOB Car Loan Singapore

Who can apply for a UOB Auto Loan Singapore?

UOB Car Loan applicants would be all Singaporeans and Singaporean Permanent Residents. But first, you must be at least 21 years old. 

Prepare the following documents (if you applied not through MyInfo):

  • Income Documents: Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment, your last six months CPF contribution statement, and computerised payslip.
  • A Vehicle Sales Agreement, only if applicable.
Can a non-resident person take a UOB Car Loan?

Yes. a foreigner can apply for a UOB Car Loan, provided they have a local guarantor. 

They need to present a copy of the Identification Card or Passport. 

How much would be the monthly instalments to repay?

UOB can’t tell you immediately how much your monthly instalment repayments would be. But you can use the UOB Car Loan calculator on UOB’s site. It’s a tool which you can use to know how much you could pay in a certain period. 

All you have to do is indicate which car type you want – a new car or a used car. Then, you’ll be asked what interest rate you would like to take: 2.68% (new vehicle) or 2.78% (used car). 

Afterwards, you indicate how much car loan you would like to apply for. Then, choose how long you would want to repay the loan. 

Click the “Calculate” button and get the results. Whatever the result, remember that it is still subject to changes. 

How to pay UOB Car Loan Online?

You can quickly pay your car loan through Fund Transfer, Cash, Cheque, and Telegraphic Transfer. In addition, you can browse the site of UOB and look for their Help and Support portal. 

What is the UOB Car Loan hotline?

If you seek help on your car loan application, you can reach UOB through their Property Loans hotline: 1800-388-2121.

Advantage of Learning UOB Auto Loans

Knowing more about car financing, like UOB Car Loans, will help you weigh your financial status. Buying a car needs deep planning. Otherwise, you’ll ruin your hard-earned money. 

UOB Car Loans is not only the trusted financial product by many. UOB offers a wide range of bank loans, including personal loans. It’s a low-interest loan product that you can use whenever you’re in dire need of extra cash aside from properties. 

But if you are looking for instant cash loan services, try getting a low-interest personal loan from trusted licensed moneylenders. They even have competitive features like banks. 

Cash Mart Singapore is one of the most well-known and reputable licensed moneylenders. 

Benefits of getting a Standard Chartered Car Loan

Standard Chartered Car Loan

What benefits you’ll get from Standard Chartered Car Loan?

Still can’t decide whether to buy a car by paying cash or through car financing? You need to consider some factors when choosing which option best suits you. 

Standard Chartered Car Loan

Benefits of Buying A Car Through Finance

Buying a car is one big purchase that an individual can make. Of course, you can buy a car with cash or through financing. But paying in cash might be hard for some individuals. Thus, they prefer to apply for a car loan to pay in instalments. 

Buying a car through a car loan allows you to build and enhance your credit history. You can use your available cash on hand or in the bank on other essential matters. Besides that, with a car loan, you can build equity. 

Once you complete your payment, you’re free to sell or trade it in on a new car. Moreover, you get a car with no mileage limit and a lower insurance rate. Plus, you are free to customise your vehicle. 

The only drawback about car loans is that you need a downpayment, either in trade or cash. Cars quickly depreciate once used. It would be worth little by the time you pay it off ultimately. And lastly, your vehicle might be at risk of being repossessed by the bank. That’s if you fail to repay and get defaulted.

With car loans, people can buy a car without worrying about their funds. In addition, there are many banks you can choose from. 

One of the recommendable banks you can visit is Singapore Standard Chartered Bank. The bank offers Auto Finance, which has several features that clients will enjoy.

Features of Standard Chartered Car Loan

Auto Finance can help you get your dream car. Here is what you’re going to enjoy if you get an Auto Finance:

  • First, you get a smooth application process. 
  • Get options from its Flexible Repayment Plan.
  • Enjoy attractive interest rates.
  • Wide range of Distribution Networks.
  • Accessible to Pay Bills.

Experience The Smooth Application Process

Apply for a car loan through Standard Chartered Branch. Speak with your preferred car dealer, who will assist you throughout the application. 

But first, be sure you have decided what vehicle you want. Also, you should know whether you’re eligible for the loan.

Here are the Eligibility Requirements you need to meet:

  • You must be a Singaporean or Permanent Resident. 

  • Foreigners residing in the country can still get an auto loan from Standard Chartered Bank to submit all the required documents. 

  • Should be at least 21 years old. 
  • Must meet an annual income of $20,000

Important Note: Whatever the result of your application, approved or declined, it’ll reflect in your credit history. Thus, it could have a significant impact on your credit score. To make a clear 

Offering Flexible repayment options.

You can choose what repayment plan you think you can afford to pay. For example, Standard Chartered Car Loan offers 12 to 84 months of loan tenure. But note that the longer you pay, the higher the interest rate will accumulate. 

Offer Competitive Interest Rates in the Market

Standard Chartered Car Loan offers different interest rates: For new cars, they offer 2.48%, while for used vehicles, 2.78%.

Have access to the Wide Distribution Network

Buying a car with Standard Chartered Bank won’t be that hard since the bank partnered with a vast network of car dealers across Singapore. 

Easy to Pay Bills

Standard Chartered Bank Singapore offers several payment channels for car loans. You can pay through GIRO, AXS stations, Self-service, automated machines (S.A.M), or the bank’s online banking platform. 

Or, if you’re more comfortable paying it by cash, you can send it through cash deposit machines.

Standard Chartered Car Loan Requirements You Should Comply

There are things you need to comply with first in applying for a Standard Chartered Car Loan. First, you have to submit the completed application form. Then, you have to provide further requirements. It’s for them to help assess your car loan application.

Standard Chartered Bank requires borrowers to submit the following documents:

  • Identification Documents*
  • Income Documents*
  • Your Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Your Vehicle registration card or Log Card
  • Form of Application for Hire Purchase
  • A fully accomplished and signed application form

Identification Documents to submit are the following:

Singaporean citizens and Permanent Residents need to submit a front and back photocopy of NRIC. Plus, a copy of the Passport. 

For Foreigners, all you need to submit are a copy of their Passport and a copy of their Employment Pass. Submit also any of the following documents:

  • Your latest utility bills, rates or tax bills
  • Your latest Bank or Credit Card statements (with e-statement)
  • A clear copy of your Rental Agreements containing your address
  • Your latest Mobile phone statements or pay-TV statements
  • A letter from your employer stating your current address
  • Government-issued documents stating your address like IRAS, CPF, or ICA

Income Documents to submit:

  • Provide your latest copy of the Income Tax Notice of Assessment (Two years for Self-Employed) or
  • Submit a copy of your latest one-month computerised payslip from your current employer or
  • A copy of your latest 12-month CPF Contribution Statement

Frequently Asked Questions in Standard Chartered Car Loan

How much loan can I take?

The amount of loan you can take depends on what type of car loan you avail of. Standard Chartered Bank offers New Car Loans and Used Car Loans.

But before that, note that banks comply with the Monetary Authority Singapore (MAS) Regulations. Therefore, the vehicle’s loan amount will depend on its Opening Market Value (OMV). 

New Car Loans: Once the vehicle’s OMV is less than S$20,000, the bank can finance the borrower up to 70% of the vehicle’s price. But if the OMV is more than $20,000, Standard Chartered Bank will finance 60% of its cost. 

Used Car Loan: Standard Chartered Bank doesn’t specify the vehicle’s maximum age for the used car loan. Generally, banks offer used car loans for cars less than ten years from their original registration date. 

The bank can finance you up to 70% in a used car loan with loan terms from one up to seven years. But note that the combination of the vehicle’s age and the car loan term must not exceed ten years.

Car Refinancing: You can avail of this one if you have an existing car loan from the other bank. Ask through SCBS’ hotline or customer service about their refinancing interest rates. If you think their interest rate is more favourable than your existing loan, you can avail of this product.

How much monthly instalment will I pay for the car loan? 

Your monthly loan payment will depend on the car price, length of the loan, and down payment. In addition, the interest rates incurred on car loans tend to be higher than those on new car loans. 

How to use the Standard Chartered Car Loan Calculator?

Using the bank’s calculator, you’d be able to see how much monthly instalments you need to repay over time. Just indicate what car type you desire to take and how much loan amount you need. 

Afterwards, you choose your preferred loan term. Then, click the “Calculate” button to get the result.

How to get instant approval?

Standard Chartered Bank can grant you instant loan approval, given that you have a good credit history. Also, the bank will check your income profile to see whether you can repay the loan based on your chosen loan term. 

Included in their evaluation is the age of the car. Ensure that the vehicle is ten years old from its original date of purchase. Otherwise, it will not be eligible for financing. 

What are the fees and other charges in Standard Chartered Car Loan?

You should be aware of the following fees when you apply for Standard Chartered Car Loan:

  • Late Payment Fee: $60
  • Late Payment Interest: 12% per annum based on the overdue amount of your monthly instalment
  • Early Completion Fee: 20% of your loan’s outstanding interest plus 1.5% of your balance payable. That is, if within 12 months from the commencement date. 

But if it’s beyond 12 months, it would be 20% of outstanding interest plus 1% of the balance payable.

  • Photocopy of Hire Purchase Agreement or Log Card: $53.50, including GST.

Important Note: 

If you want to settle your loan earlier, the bank will ask you to submit an Early Settlement Form. There are two forms you must accomplish. One is for the customer, and one is for the car dealer. 

The bank will ask you to submit all necessary forms at any SCBS local branches. First, be sure that you fully understand the terms and conditions applied. Then, sign the papers before you present them. 

You can request early full settlement quotes during bank working days. That is from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. It takes two business days before you get your requested quotations.

You can quickly transfer funds if you wish to settle the loan immediately. You can transfer the funds directly to your repayment account. Repayment channels could be through Cashier’s Order, Cheque, or Cash to any local branch of SCBS. 

Be aware that the process will take three business days. Instructions will be processed once the bank receives your complete settlement forms and funds. 

Are you financially fit to buy a Car?

Vehicles are one essential property in Singapore. You can buy one if you have saved enough money for it or through car loans. But note that you should first check your financial capacity either of the two. 

Do not push yourself to acquire a vehicle if you’re not financially ready. Moreover, considering car loans, it’s better to seek the financial help of professionals. Remember, car loans are different from short-term personal loans. 

Personal loans can either be secured or unsecured, which you can use in any way. Should you need any short-term instant cash loans, you can try getting one from reputable moneylenders like Cash Mart Singapore.

Is DBS Car Loan the best choice to buy a car?

DBS Car Loan

Is DBS Car Loan in buying a car loan?

Buying your vehicle in Singapore is one significant achievement you can get, especially the country’s one of the most expensive places in the world. 

Even buying a sedan-type car could cost you S$110,000, almost equivalent to 30% of an HDB property. That’s likely getting a three-bedroom property!

But Singaporeans manage to get their car – all thanks to the car loan services. I bet you’re searching for where to get a car loan. Before you apply for a loan, here are some essential factors you must consider first. 

Getting a loan isn’t a good step when you’re not financially stable. So prepare yourself, your pocket, and your mindset. 

DBS car loan

How do car loans work in Singapore?

One way to buy a car in Singapore is through car loans. It’s about borrowing a sum of money from a lender, either from a bank or a car dealer. You need to repay the loan depending on what loan tenure you choose. 

When taking out a car loan, you can take as much as 60% to 70% based on the vehicle’s purchase price. But that depends on the car’s Open Market Value (OMV). 

If the OMV of the vehicle falls $20,000 or less, you can take a car loan amount of up to 70% of the car’s purchase price. But if the OMV is $20,000 and above, you can get up to 60%. 

Under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), you can repay the loan in not more than seven years. It’s the car loan’s principal amount plus the incurred interest that you will fulfil in repaying over time. 

When are you prepared to get a car loan?

Here are the top three factors you need to check before getting a car loan.

Check Your Credit Status

Ensure you have a clean credit record when taking a car loan. With a good credit score, you’ll probably get a higher loan quantum. Otherwise, you’ll receive a lesser quantum. 

Always bear in mind that credit records affect your loan application. Things that would bring your credit score up and down are the following:

  • Your loan payment behaviour in your past transactions. It could be unsecured loans like credit cards or other loan products. 
  • Applying for various loans in a short period.
  • Default loan records in previous transactions

If you want to know your current credit status, you can get it from the Credit Bureau of Singapore through eNets. It will only cost you $6.42. 

Zero-account holders and those with poor credit performances can build and rebuild by taking up short-term loans. But, again, repay your loan on time and don’t apply for multiple loans. That would only cause your score to drop.

Consider applying for a Credit Card. It’s one easy way to start building your credit score.

Shop for low-interest rates and inexpensive loans

Banks and other lending institutions are popping out in the suburbs of Singapore. That gives you more options when you look for car loans in Singapore. 

It might be overwhelming when you search for which institution you want to apply for a car loan. However, looking for low-interest rates is the best thing to do about it. 

Try looking for the best car loan in Singapore and compare them. Car loan interest rates are mostly capped at 2% to 3% per annum. But don’t just look into numbers. Instead, it would be best if you compare all your options. 

Is DBS Car Loan the best choice to make?

DBS is one local bank in Singapore offering different types of loans. Thus, DBS serve to meet the borrower’s financial needs. 

DBS Car Loan is one of these loan products. Read up and know more about DBS Car Loan.

Features and Benefits of DBS Car Loan Singapore 

DBS Car Loan Maximum Amount

Enjoy DBS Car Loan with its flexible loan terms and generous loan amount. You can take a loan amount of as much as 70% of the car’s purchase price. That is when the open market value of the said vehicle is $20,000 or less. 

But if the OMV is more than S$20,000, DBS can grant you a loan equivalent to 60% of the vehicle’s purchase price.

DBS Car Loan Tenures

What is more incredible is that you can repay your DBS Car Loan for up to seven years. Review your financial status thoroughly and see which loan term you can afford to repay over time. 

Buying a car through a car loan doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay in cash. You still need to prepare for your down payment of at least 30% of the purchase price. The higher the amount you pay in cash, the lesser the car loan amount you’ll borrow. 

DBS Car Loan Interest Rate

DBS provides the cheapest car loans for used cars for 1.99% of all banks offering car loans. However, take note that the age of the vehicle matters. DBS doesn’t provide used car loans over ten years old. 

The DBS car loan interest rate drops to 2.78% for the new car category. However, the said interest rate is almost the same as the interest rates offered by other banks. That is due to the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulation.

DBS Car Loan Application Process

Another thing is that you can apply instantly with DBS Car Loan. No waiting time, no long queues. It doesn’t even require you to leave your home. 

Apply using your SingPass. Once retrieving your personal details from SingPass, it will make the digital application more straightforward and faster! 

You must have a DBS/POSB digibank app. It is available in App Store, Google Play Store, and Huawei App Gallery. 

DBS Car Loan Calculator

DBS provided a tool to help you estimate how much car loan you will take. That’s if you’re unsure how much you can afford to get. With the DBS car loan calculator, you’d be able to know the maximum loan amount you can take.  

DBS Car Loan Hotline and Customer Service Portals

DBS provided a Help and Support Portal containing some useful guides. You can also phone them through these contact numbers:

  • 1800-111-1111
  • 6333-0033
  • (65) 6333-0033 (for overseas) 

Keep in touch with DBS through their “Get In Touch with Us” feature. In this section, provided are quick links for self-service options. For example, it could be about your Accounts or Cards and Loans. 

For any concerns, you can contact them through the following:

  • Digital Services
  • DBS Digibank
  • DBS Digibot (a messaging service)

What is DBS Car Loan Early Settlement?

An early settlement means you want to pay your car loan in advance instead of spending it on its due date. It is possible, but you have to pay additional charges. 

Take note of the following DBS Fees and other Charges:

Early repayment Fees:

  • 20% of the Interest Rebate 
  • 1% of Total Financed Amount

A 20% fee of the Interest Rebate

In DBS, even if you pay your car loan earlier, you still have to pay the balance of the outstanding instalments payable under the Hire Purchase Agreement. An interest rebate and other charges and expenses will be deducted from the said amount.

A 1% fee of the Total Financed Amount

Total Financed Amount refers to the vehicle’s full price* minus all the total deposits, including cash, allowances or trade-ins (for used cars). 

*That includes the GST, accessories, and other related fees, expenses and charges. 

Late Interest Payment Fees: 

The said fees will range from 3% to 5% per annum. Plus, the average prime rate of the three local banks* is based on any overdue amount.

(*DBS Bank Ltd., OCBC Ltd., and UOB Ltd.)

Final Thoughts

Buying a car through car loans should be thought of ahead of time. It is crucial to plan it thoroughly, considering your financial status. It’s almost equivalent to purchasing a property. 

You need to be financially prepared if you want to make a purchase. If you need help, you can seek a professional loan adviser. That would help you assess if you can afford a car loan. 

But in Singapore, securing a home is more important than buying a car. So, taking an HDB flat before getting a vehicle is wiser. 

Aside from car loans, DBS also offers various loans such as personal loan, home loan, student loan, and many more.  

But if you need more cash than you wish to claim instantly, you can get a loan from money lending institutions like Cash Mart. They offer low-interest personal loans, which are more attractive than banks. 
Get a loan from Cash Mart, a trusted moneylender that abides by the Moneylenders Act. No collateral and a hassle-free application!

How Does POSB Car Loan Works?

POSB Car Loan

How Does POSB Car Loan Singapore Works?

Possessing your dream ride has always been tedious. Paperwork and money matters take time to process. Good thing an Auto Loan is now available. 

POSB Singapore is one of the top-tier banks in the country, offering several banking services suitable for anybody’s financial needs. Among all products, POSB Car Loan is the most acquired loan product. It is a straightforward and affordable loan you might want to try. 

Before anything else, let’s find out how POSB Car Loan works.

POSB car loan

Amazing Benefits of POSB Car Loan Singapore

POSB Car Loan finances any vehicle type you like. Here are some reasons why it is advantageous to apply for one. 

  • Reasonable Interest Rate: Auto loan by POSB provides a fixed interest rate of 1.99% per annum. The rate is generally relatively higher for used cars. 
  • Extended POSB Loan Tenure: Regardless of whether your chosen car is new or used, the loan term ranges from one to seven years. 
  • Maximum Loanable Amount: An applicant can borrow a loan amount based on Open Market Value (OMV). Yes, it’s not based on the car purchase price. With POSB Car Loan, borrowers can take up to 70% of the car price. It applies if the OMV is equal to or below $20,000. But if the OMV is more than $20,000, applicants can only borrow up to 60% of the vehicle price. 
  • Applicable for New and Used Cars: POSB Car Loan finances for both new and used cars. Be mindful that used cars must be less than 10 years of age. If more than that, the car is not eligible for financing. 
  • Easy to Use Car Loan Calculator: POSB is notable for its loan calculator, helping borrowers to generate a realistic figure for their monthly repayments. Input the basic details such as the loan amount, interest rate, and tenure. Once the information is in, it calculates an estimated amount for your monthly financial obligation. 

It is understandable why the majority take out an auto loan from POSB. The features are excellent for everybody’s financial situation. Also, it aims to help you achieve the car you’ve been eyeing for so long. 

Who are Eligible Applicants for POSB Car Loan?

Borrowers who aspire to take out a POSB Car Loan must have an existing POSB or DBS account. 

Suppose you are one of them; log in with your existing Digibank ID. It automatically prefills your relevant personal information. 

For SingPass holders, access your personal and income details through MyInfo. Review and check for any changes or discrepancies. Or you may manually enter the necessary information. 

Also, eligible applicants for a POSB Auto loan must meet the following criteria. 

Age Limit Requirement

Applicants should be at least 21 years old or older to become eligible. 

Borrower’s Residency

Qualified borrowers can either be Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. A foreigner can apply as well as long as he/she fits with other criteria. 

Required Monthly Income

Another factor for applicants to consider is their minimum monthly income. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents must earn at least $2,000. Meanwhile, foreigners must at least have $4,000 for their monthly take-home earnings. 

It is essential to assess yourself first to see whether you’re fit to apply for a POSB Car Loan or not. Remember, the bank provides financial aid for your car purchase. 

What are POSB Car Loan Income Requirements?

After identifying yourself as an eligible applicant for a POSB Car Loan, prepare all the essential documents. 

For Singaporean and Permanent Residents

Suppose you belong to this group, ready a photocopy of NRIC (front and back) and documents that indicate your income. It can be any of the following:

  • Computerised payslip (latest)
  • IRAS Notice of Assessment (latest)
  • CPF contribution history for the last 12 months

If you’re self-employed, the IRAS Notice of Assessment must be for the last 2 years. 

If you earn a rental consideration, provide a copy of the Tenancy Agreement. But it must be on top of the required income documents stated above. 

Provide additional documents if you previously purchased a car. The Vehicle Statement Agreement and LTC vehicle log card must be present. 

For Foreigners

Suppose you’re a foreigner staying in Singapore and need an auto loan. Ready a photocopy of your Passport and Employment Pass (front and back). Take note that it must be at least 6 months of validity. 

POSB requires Malaysians to present a copy of the NRIC, too, on top of the requirements above. 

Also, prepare any of the following income documents. 

  • Computerised payslip (latest)
  • IRAS Notice of Assessment (latest)
  • CPF contribution history for the last 12 months

If you’re self-employed, the IRAS Notice of Assessment must be for the last 2 years. 

If you earn a rental consideration, provide a copy of the Tenancy Agreement. But it must be on top of the required income documents stated above. 

Provide additional documents if you previously purchased a car. The Vehicle Statement Agreement and LTC vehicle log card must be present. 

Make sure to complete these papers before proceeding with your loan application. Duly accomplished POSB Car Loan Income requirements lead to a faster and more convenient process. 

Importance Of POSB Car Loan Calculator

A loan calculator always comes in handy, which helps borrowers to:

Predict Loan Amount

It is the best tool for helping applicants have a gist of the loan amount they can borrow. You can grasp which vehicle is probably suitable for your finances. 

Estimate Monthly Due

Loan repayment is more manageable with a POSB Car Loan Calculator. You can easily foresee if you can handle your future monthly obligation. Also, you can identify if it can affect your daily needs. 

Furthermore, the POSB Car Loan Calculator has two types. The first one calculates the maximum loan amount you can borrow. You will know how much cash you need for the downpayment. If the loan amount is lower than what you need, look for other types of loans. 

Meanwhile, the second one computes your monthly instalments. You can easily distinguish if you can handle the estimated monthly repayment. Weigh your options if you’ll go through with it or not. 

Utilising a loan calculator is a wise decision whenever you apply for a loan. It estimates all your possible expenses. Although inaccurate, it gives you a bright idea of your future finances.

POSB is truly a trusted bank in Singapore. It gives out loans based on the financial situation. Buying a car with POSB Car Loan is one of the best financial assistance available. 

Be financially prepared when buying a car.

Getting a car loan from POSB is one big help for those who can’t afford to buy in cash. But note that even if you take a car loan, you still have to pay the down payment in cash. 

Prepare 30% or more for the down payment. The higher the down payment, the lesser the loan amount you need to take. Before you decide to get a car loan, be sure that you already have the cash for the required down payment.

It’s convenient driving your own car. You won’t stress yourself by commuting in public, especially when your home is far from your working place. Rain or shine, you’re ready to go anywhere, anytime.

Aside from car loans, POSB offers other loan products, such as personal loans. Such a loan product is flexible. If you wish to have extra money for your child’s education needs, consider POSB Education Loan

Besides POSB, if you wish to get a short-term cash loan, consider getting it from reputable moneylenders like Cash Mart Singapore. Aside from low-interest personal loans, you can also get paydaybusinessrenovation, and foreigner loans

Visit Cash Mart Singapore to discover more!

Why Apply For OCBC Car Loan Singapore?

OCBC Car Loan

Why Apply For OCBC Car Loan Singapore?

Buying a car is not as easy as it looks. You have to look into every detail to secure your dream vehicle. Aside from checking the car safety features, your financial status needs assessment, too.

Applying for a car loan lightens your monetary issue. Look for a bank or money lending institution that offers a loan that fits your lifestyle.

Aside from OCBC Business Loans and OCBC Personal Loans, OCBC Car Loan is one of the best options in Singapore. It has magnificent offers you definitely would not like to miss. Find out more about it in this article.

OCBC car loan

Excellent Benefits of OCBC Car Loan 

OCBC Car Loan allows anyone to buy a car with confidence. It’s an easy way of having your dream car.

Accessible to Manage Car Loan Applications

Seeking financial help from OCBC is secure yet straightforward. All you have to do is apply through Myinfo. Approval is as fast as 60 seconds.

It’s a Cost-Free Application

OCBC Car Loan application does not incur any fees or penalties. Also, it is only effective once you finalise the car of your choice. Plus, it must be acceptable in the Hire Purchase Agreement.

Approved Car Loan Before Showroom Visit

OCBC Car Loan lets you shop while knowing your maximum budget. It is far different from other money lending facilities. You get 70% of the vehicle’s purchase price or the valuation of the car, whichever is lower. Plus, you get loan approval for as fast as sixty seconds!

An Eco-Care Car Loan

OCBC Car Loan offers a new set of auto loans. With Eco-Care Car Loan, you get to be part of making Singapore greener.

Electric vehicles get approved without fuss.

Also, it provides enjoyable savings for applicants. But, of course, you’re free to review the Terms and Conditions applied to this car loan feature on OCBC’s website.

It’s no surprise why OCBC Car Loan stands out in the country. Taking out the auto loan does not only assist in achieving your dream car. Also, it has a hassle-free application process.

Exceptional OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan

OCBC is well-known for its Eco-Care Car Loan. It is an auto loan that allows aspiring car owners to help nature.

Buying an electric vehicle might seem too pricey for some. But with OCBC Car Loan refinancing, everything is attainable. So, what do you get for taking out an Eco-Care Loan?

Enjoy OCBC Low-Interest Rate

Experience the exclusive package of a 1.68% rate per annum. It is one of the lowest interests offered in Singapore.

Beneficial for Every Resident

Applying for an OCBC Eco-Care Car Loan is a wise decision to increase your savings.

Every resident of HDB has six months free of charge. Meanwhile, residents in a condominium and landed property enjoy the 12 months free of charge.

OCBC’s Awesome Partners

Eco-Care Loan in OCBC has a great partnership with Jaguar and C-HARGE +. Thus, making additional purchase perks with their latest model like Jaguar I-PACE.

Eligibility Requirements OCBC Auto Loan 

Almost anyone in the country can apply for a loan. Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents, and Foreigners are privileged to take it out. Also, they must be at least 21 years of age.

Affordable OCBC Car Loan Interest Rate

Effective Interest Rate (EIR) is the loan’s actual cost, varying to loan tenures. It includes all the interest, fees, and other charges. Choose a loan tenure you think you can afford to repay.

For example, the flat interest rate for an Electric Car Rate is 1.68% per annum, with an EIR ranging from 3.09% to 3.22%. Meanwhile, a Petrol or Diesel Car Rate is at 2.28% per annum with an EIR ranging from 4.18% to 4.35%. Note that these rates are subject to change.

Convenient OCBC Car Loan Application Process 

Bringing home the car you’ve been eyeing is simple with OCBC.

Apply Through Myinfo

Apply on the site trouble-free. Find out the approved loan amount immediately. Base the price of the car you can afford on the maximum limit. Shop confidently, knowing how much you can borrow.

You Inform The Car Dealer

Car dealers in Singapore know about OCBC Car Loans. Talk to them and discuss the car details you want. Afterwards, the dealers will submit the information to OCBC. Expect an SMS to verify it.

Accept Digital Agreement

The approved auto loan speeds up the application process. OCBC sends a Hire Purchase Agreement through SMS. Review all the details. Read carefully and understand before accepting the agreement digitally.

Pick Up the Car

Once the Hire Purchase Agreement is secured, the dealer arranges your car. Collect the vehicle when it is ready.

Look into your email about the Hire Purchase Agreement. It must include information about your monthly instalment and the due date for payment.

Repay Your Loan Responsibly

Paying off financial obligations with OCBC Car Loan is convenient. You have several options, such as the following:

  • Set up payment via GIRO. Settle dues via ATM, mobile, or internet banking.
  • Pay using Cheques and transfer through any cheque deposit boxes.
  • Pay cash to any of the bank branches.

Getting your auto loan from OCBC is straightforward. Lining up is no longer needed.

OCBC Flexible Repayment Methods 

OCBC Car Loan stands out for its numerous payment options.

If you have an existing loan account number, six different methods are accessible. A direct Debit Account is the preferable means. Interbank GIRO, quick check deposits, mobile banking, and Internet banking are also acceptable.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a deposit account with OCBC. Instead, repay your loan through the most preferred method, Interbank GIRO. Payment through a quick cheque deposit is your only alternative.

Keep in mind that over-the-counter payment in branches imposes additional service fees.

OCBC Car Loan Fees 

Whenever you repay your loan, always consider the following fees:

  • A late fee costing $8
  • A 1% full settlement penalty charge on the outstanding loan penalty
  • An Interest rebate clawback that is 20%, following the rule 78 computation.

OCBC Car Loan is an excellent choice for driving your new ride. The perks and application process proves how worthy it is to try.

OCBC Car Loan Contact Singapore

Reaching OCBC is simple. If you have concerns regarding car loans, you can get in touch with the OCBC team through their Contact Us number: +65 6363 3333.

OCBC also has a dedicated page for its Help and Support team. It’s where you can find all frequently asked questions about the bank’s services, including car loans.

If you want further information about OCBC, find the “Useful Links” on the bank’s site and click “Help and Support”. It’s located at the bottom of the website.

OCBC Digital Banking: A Digital Platform to Track Your Activities

Banking systems are now transitioning into digital ways. It’s one way to do banking transactions conveniently.

Through OCBC’s mobile banking app, clients can take one view of all their banking transactions. Such activities are about Car Loan and all OCBC products and services. But note that you can only view all transactions made from the past seven days.

OCBC mobile apps have many features that help clients experience the best and most convenient banking activities.

Indeed, OCBC was able to provide what customers need financially. Not only car loans but also other loans like low-interest personal loans and home loans.

If you’re looking for other loan services with lower interest rates, you can seek help from money lending companies such as Cash Mart Singapore. The company offers instant cash loans that people can benefit from in times of emergencies.

Licensed moneylenders, as well as banks, thrives on providing quality financial services amidst the pandemic. Thus, it offers excellent help, sustaining people’s daily needs.

Maybank Car Loan: Is it the best choice?​

Maybank Car Loan

Maybank Car Loan: Is it the best choice?

Most people buy a car through a car loan, which is the most straightforward way. But financing a car isn’t the best option for every car buyer. It will always depend on the car buyer’s income profile. 

Are you planning to apply for a car loan? Consider Maybank Car Loan to help you buy your desired automobile. Read up and discover what benefits you’ll reap if you acquire a car via a car loan!

Buying a car with Maybank car loan

What to Consider When Buying A Car?

Buying a car is one big purchase that you can make. It takes a significant amount of money to have one. That said, you have to think about it first. 

Know what type of car you will acquire that you can afford to pay. After you decide which car to buy, inspect the functions and features. Observe if everything’s functioning well. 

And one crucial thing, consider availing a Car Insurance. It’s better to protect against property damages you might need to cover in case of an accident. The coverage will include any bodily injury costs. 

The Benefits of Maybank Car Loan Singapore

Getting a loan won’t trouble you unless you take it without a proper assessment of your financial status. Besides, acquiring a vehicle through a Maybank Car Loan can benefit you! 

You can get a car loan that can finance a car up to 70% of the mobile’s purchase price. The bank offers a fixed interest rate incurred for monthly payments. Besides that, you’ll get repayment options from 12 months up to 84 months. 

Another benefit of getting a Maybank Car Loan is boosting your credit history. Just pay attention to the loan’s due dates. Paying debts on time might grant you a higher loan amount the next time you get a loan in the future.

Important Note: Maybank Car Loan doesn’t apply to imported and rental cars.

Maybank Auto Loan Eligibility Requirements

Each bank has its own set of eligibility requirements. Generally, banks consider a borrower as eligible when they are:

  • At least 21 years old
  • A Singaporean citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident. Foreigners are welcome to apply (must have an Employment Pass and a local guarantor)
  • Earning at least S$1,500 a month.

Aside from these requirements, Maybank checks borrowers’ income and credit history records. Credit history shows your past financial transactions. Thus, it gives financial institutions an impression of whether you’re a trusted borrower. 

Understanding Maybank Car Loan Interest Rates and Loan Tenures

Maybank can offer you a car loan depending on the mobile’s open market value. If the value is $20,000 or less, you can get up to 70% of the vehicle price or valuation price (whichever is lower). 

But if the open market value is worth more than S$20,000, you can get 60% of the purchase price or valuation (whichever is lower). 

It’s up to you how long you want to repay the loan. You can choose from Maybank Car Loan’s Loan Tenures from one year up to seven years.

Maybank Car Loan might not be the best rate in the market, but it can still be the best backup option. They have a fixed flat interest rate of 2.78% per annum. The bank hasn’t provided enough details regarding the car loan. And that made it difficult to know the affordability of the loan. 

Additionally, don’t rush to sign the loan contract. It’s best to fully understand your car loan’s terms and conditions.

Maybank Car Loan Penalty Charges

Maybank does not provide further details about the fees associated with the new or used car loans. But typically, Maybank has prices for the late payments or early settlement of the loan. 

Maybank Car Loan Application Process

All you need to do is submit an accomplished application form when you apply. Bring the necessary documents to help lenders assess your identity, income, and employment. 

Also, Maybank will require you to complete a hire purchase agreement form only if applicable.

Other documents you need to submit are:

  • A Photocopy of your Passport or NRIC
  • A Computerised payslip
  • A CPF Statement of the Account
  • Your latest Income Tax Notice of the Assessment and
  • A Transfer of your Vehicle Ownership (only if it is applicable) 

Maybank Car Loan Customer Service Hotlines

If you need immediate assistance regarding car loans, you can reach Maybank through these hotlines:

Maybank Customer Service:

  • 1800-629 2265 (1800 OF Maybank)
  • For the Overseas you can call (65) 65335229

Auto Finance:

  • 6550 7880
  • (65) 65500 7888 (for overseas)

Merchant Acquiring:

  • 1800-629 2265 (1800 for Maybank)
  • (65) 65335229 for the Overseas

The bank operates every Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm, except for every Public Holiday.

Maybank Car Loan Payment Methods

Maybank has different payment methods. That includes Interbank GIRO, cheques, and cash.

Paying Car Loan through Interbank Giro

Download the GIRO application form and fill out the form. After, you send it to the Crawford Post Office. It might take four to six weeks. So to avoid late payment fees, you can pay via other available payment methods. 

Paying Car Loan through Cheque

Drop a cheque at the Fast Cheque Deposit Box at any Maybank branch. Or, mail it to the Crawford Post Office. Make the check payable to “Maybank”. And don’t forget to write the following on the back of your cheque:

  • Your Hire Purchase or Car Loan account number
  • The vehicle number
  • Your contact number 

Important Note: Never pay a post-dated cheque to Maybank.

Paying Car Loan through Cash 

Simply deposit the cash at any machine of Maybank cash deposit. You can do it over the counter at any branch of Maybank. 

Follow these simple steps:

  • Select cash deposit or Payment
  • Select hire purchase repayment 
  • Enter the last seven digits of your HP account number
  • Provide your mobile number 

Important Note: Round up your monthly instalment payment to the nearest whole. Because Maybank’s cash deposit machines only accept selected denominations.

In conclusion

Maybank has been in service for years, meeting all the financial needs of Singaporeans. May it be Maybank Personal Loans or Maybank Education Loan. There’s more you can discover about Maybank.

But if you’re looking for a short-term instant cash loan, you can find it in licensed money lending companies in Singapore. Not only that you can get the cash loan instantly, you’ll enjoy low-interest rates without any collateral requirement. 

Search on the official list of moneylenders of Registry of Moneylenders Singapore. All lenders listed are legit and trusted by many Singaporeans, including Cash Mart Singapore. 

Get your low-interest personal loan in no-time with Cash Mart!