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Best Licensed Money Lenders Singapore: How To Get Legal Loans From Private Money Lenders 2022

They say the best-licensed money lenders in Singapore help you face a financial crisis. Well, that’s a fact. That’s why it is common for Singaporeans to get legal loans in dire financial situations. 

Fortunately, there are many private money lenders in the country. However, picking which suits your financial needs is quite a challenge. Therefore, we made a comprehensive guide about the loan application in line with this. 

Find out which circumstances call for borrowing money. Understand the law that governs the moneylending industry for safety precautions. Learn the different private money lenders near your area. Also, identify legal ones from scams. 

In addition, know the entire loan process before jumping on the first money lender you find. But don’t forget your responsibilities after receiving your instant cash loan. 

Always remember that it’s best if you contact legal money lenders. It saves you from causing more financial burden. 

When To Apply for Legal Loans From a Licensed Money Lender?

A personal loan is one of licensed moneylenders’ most applied legal loans. They seek this loan product during the following financial conditions. 

Emergency Situations

An emergency is an unplanned expense. If you have no emergency funds, your financial status will crumble. Hospitalisation and accidents are some of the unexpected expenditures. Where will you call for help? 

Luckily, legal money lenders in Singapore provide online loan products and services. With them, you can move forward and solve your money issues. 

Business Expansion in Singapore 

Some small business owners wish to expand but lack funds. A quick and safe solution is applying for a business loan. Compute the right amount you need. So, there’s no need for a new loan application. 

Reputable moneylenders can guide you in computing the right loan amount. They lend a reasonable amount within your means, too. 

Unanticipated Utility Charges

Monthly bill payments are part of your monthly budget. But there are moments when you look at your electricity bill; it will shock you. Your dues exceed your fund allocation. Don’t fret. 

A payday loan helps you get by with the sudden increase in utility fees. First, pay your bills on time while still waiting for your paycheck. Then, repay the loan once you receive your next salary. 

HBD Home Renovations And Repairs

Home repairs are inevitable. Although you can save money for it, time won’t let you. For example, the roof needs attention before the rainy season comes. But with an approved loan from a licensed moneylender, you can fix it quickly. 

Commencing Investment

Stock investment is a gamble. You’ll never know when the market goes up or down. So, while there’s perfect competition, it’s best to take the risk. However, it is possible if you have loan cash. Legal moneylenders help you achieve better funding for your new venture. 

Build a Positive Credit Score

Taking out legal loans from private moneylenders improves your credit score. Repaying it on time takes it up to another level. So, if you plan to create a healthy credit grade, repeat these steps. Your credit record is in good hands as long as you borrow from reputable lenders. 

Ticking Off Bucket List 

Dream vacations or target out-of-country trips seem so hard to achieve. Flight tickets and accommodation are some of the expenses. Add to that your budget during the entire travel. It might take you years before you achieve your goals. But if you get legal loans from legit moneylenders, it is highly feasible. You can check all your wish lists without regret with a personal loan. 

Cover a Large Purchase

Do you suddenly need to buy a new refrigerator? Does your washing machine break down unexpectedly? You need an immense amount to purchase these appliances. Sadly, your current budget can’t handle it. 

Borrow cash from the best-licensed money lender in Singapore. So you can make procurement even though it’s last minute. Plus, it helps you save more. Instead of buying takeouts, you can cook and store foods in your new ref. Instead of taking your dirty clothes to laundry shops, you can still wash them at home. 

Asking out legal loans has a broad scope. Of course, an emergency is the number one reason, but it is not the only acceptable situation. Whichever financial dilemma or investment you want to try, it is attainable. Keep in mind to apply for legal loans from best licensed money lenders in Singapore. 

What Does The Moneylenders Act Singapore Mean For You As a Borrower?

In Singapore, the government highly regulates the moneylending industry. The Ministry of Law mandates a Moneylenders Act. It protects lending facilities from delinquent borrowers. At the same time, it guides potential borrowers to legal money lenders in the country. 

The Registry of Moneylenders approves the license. Moneylending companies that meet the standards get a permit. However, it rejects those who can’t. 

As long as the lender abides by the law, it can continuously operate. But license revocation is highly possible if it violates any of the regulations. 

Ministry of Law

Transparent Loan Terms

MinLaw highly demands transparency of loan terms. Private money lenders must explain all the details that encompass their loan products. It guides you from breaching the terms and conditions. 

As a client, you need to know the following information. 

  • Interest Rates
  • Authorised Fees
  • Loan Disbursement Date
  • Computation for Late Interest Fee
  • Instalment Payment Details – Amount and Frequency
  • Overall Amount for the Loan Term

Knowing this information lets you get an overview of your loan. 

Allowed Loan Amount

The Moneylenders Act indicates how much a borrower can take. Its basis is your citizenship and annual income. 

If you applied for a secured loan, any amount is loanable to you. But if you opt for an unsecured loan, there’s a total maximum amount you can apply. See the illustration below. 

How much you can borrow

Before approaching a reputable money lender, ensure you’re in the correct category. 

Loan Application Process

The Moneylenders Act set a loan procedure for licensed lending companies to follow. Part of the process is to obtain the borrower’s information. 

If you take out a loan, it is standard to share these details. 

  • Client’s Full Name
  • Birthdate
  • Residential Number
  • Contact Number
  • Personal Identification Number

Always be honest when disclosing personal information. The data gets verified before encoding it into the system. Afterwards, you’ll receive your copy. Review if it matches you. 

Best licensed money lenders in Singapore must strictly follow the loan application process. If there’s a skip in the process, you may suspect you’re dealing with illegal lenders. 

Note of Contract

A loan contract is a must-have for any transaction. MinLaw is firm in implementing this. A lack of a contract means a lack of proof. So, private money lenders provide the written agreement. 

Remember, the following information must be present. 

  • Details of the loan agreement
  • Preferred Repayment Scheme
  • The amount of loan instalment at each loan interval

In addition, a borrower must have a personal copy. It serves as your evidence once your loan gets approved. 

Appropriate Advertisements

Best licensed money lenders in Singapore advertise through specific platforms. The Moneylenders Act set guidelines for legal money lending facilities. Promoting their loan products and services must be in the following forms. 

Official Website

Creating advertisements through the official webpage is acceptable. 

Physical Office

Setting up tarps is possible. But it must be within the company’s premises only. 

Business Directories

Consumer directories, whether in print or online media, is allowable. 

Other than these channels, advertisements are prohibited. So when you receive a call, text message, email, or flyers, don’t respond. Instead, consider it came from an unlicensed moneylender. 

Action Against Unlicensed Moneylenders 

Upon shopping around money lending facilities, you’ll see unacceptable practices immediately. The Moneylenders Act provided various ways to notify them. First, report the illegal lenders immediately. Include the business name of the moneylender, license, and contact number. 

Call the Registry 

Contact 1800-2255-529

Visit the Registry Website

Check the MinLaw website at

The Registry of Moneylenders investigates delinquent licensed moneylenders, while the Police probe more to unlicensed moneylenders. 

The Moneylenders Act protects both borrowers and legal moneylenders. Understanding how it works keeps you safe from loan scams. Plus, it leads you to the best financial solutions. 

Registry of Moneylenders

What To Do When Choosing Licensed Private Money Lenders Near You?

A reliable licensed moneylender assists borrowers during a tough financial dilemma. So it’s best to determine which among the lenders is worth your trust. Observe the following factors when shopping around. 

Credibility Of Reliable Money Lenders

Get to know the reputation of a moneylending company in the market. So research these details. 

License To Operate

A license from MinLaw is evidence of being eligible to operate legally. 

Tenure In The Industry

The length of existence in the industry proves the capability of the company. 

Performance Level

Look into how the private money lender operates. It serves as a great reflection of the entire company. 

Private Money Lenders Interest Rates

Interest Rate is one of the determining factors when getting a legal loan. But every trusted money lender offers different interest rates. So take time to compare before finalising your decision. Also, take note of how the law strictly implements the calculation. 

Maximum Interest Rate

A legit moneylender can only charge a maximum of 4% monthly. The limit is not based on the loan type and the borrower’s income. 

The calculation of the interest is from the remaining principal amount. The value comes after deducting the total payments from the original principal. Here is an example. 

Let’s say you borrowed cash of $10,000 and repaid $3,000. The remaining $7,000 is part of the calculation of the interest. 

Maximum Late Interest Rate

Expect an additional fee if you fail to pay off your loan on time. A charge of 4% monthly is the maximum rate for late repayment. The fee applies for every month of delayed payment. 

The computation of the late interest is only from the late repayment amount. The outstanding balance is not affected since it is not due yet. Here is an example. 

Let’s say you borrow cash of $10,000. But you failed to repay the first instalment costing $3,000. A licensed money lender can only charge the late interest of $3,000. The remaining $7,000 is not part of the calculation as it is not due yet.  

Fees Charged By The Best Money Lender

A private legal moneylender comes with other expenses within your loan application. Expect an upfront administrative, interest, late interest, and late fee. Fortunately, MinLaw implements a limit when imposing penalties. Therefore, all the charges must not exceed the total principal loan amount. 

Monthly Late Repayment

A charge must not exceed $60. 

Administrative Fee

A charge must not exceed 10% of the approved loan amount. 

Legal Costs Granted By The Court

A successful claim by the lender to recover from the loan 

So you borrow loan cash worth $10,000. The 10% administrative fee, interest, late interest and fees must not exceed the approved principal loan. 

Repayments Charged In Legal Loans

When looking for the top licensed moneylender, review their repayment options, too. Again, it helps you plan how to accomplish your financial responsibility. 

Weekly Loan Term

Weekly repayment is paying off your loan in weekly intervals. Therefore, attending to immediate money issues within a week’s space is advisable. Also, borrowers have the privilege to use up to 5 term instalments. All of these are equally divided based on the chosen weekly term. 

Bi-Weekly Loan Term

Bi-weekly repayment is paying off the loan every 2 weeks. It is pretty similar to the weekly loan term. However, the instalment options typically come to three options. 

  • A borrower can settle the loaned amount after 2 weeks. 
  • Borrower’s repayment is divided into 2 equally.
  • Borrower’s repayment is divided into 3 equally.

Monthly Loan Term

Monthly loan repayment is paying off the loan after 28 days. It is preferable if you allocate your budget every month. This way, you have enough time and funds to settle the due amount. 

Application Process In Private Money Lenders

Taking out a loan from banks is more complicated. They follow a stringent procedure. Thus, it slims your chances of loan approval. 

Less Stringent

Getting legal loans from a licensed moneylender is another story. Although they check the borrower’s eligibility, they are more lenient. So, getting approved is still possible even if you have a poor credit rating. 

Standard Procedure

In addition, the application process with legit lenders is standard. They abide by the Registry regulation to maintain their license. So, it ensures you’re on the right path to receiving instant loan cash. 

Transparent Terms and Conditions

Trusted moneylenders explain all the procedures and conditions clearly. Also, they provide a copy of your terms. It gives borrowers the assurance that everything’s upfront and nothing hidden. 

Finding the best is difficult with the growing number of money lending facilities in Singapore. But if you’re knowledgeable of how a private moneylender works, everything would be easy-peasy. 

How to Distinguish Licensed Moneylender From a Loan Shark?

With the height of the need for borrowing money, many lending companies pop out of nowhere. Sad to say, not all of these financial institutions are legit. Illegal lenders flock everywhere. That’s why it’s a must that you can identify a reputable money lender from a loan scam. 

Review The MinLaw Registry

The Ministry of Law created rules to help licensed moneylenders to screen their borrowers. Also, it assists borrowers in filtering the various moneylending companies near you. 

You can understand how a financial company must work through the Moneylenders Act. Take time to read it. It’s the best guide when identifying illegal money lenders from the legit ones. 

Check With The Registry Of Moneylenders And Their List of Money Lenders

A quick way to know whether a moneylending facility is licensed is through the Registry of Moneylenders. The official list of licensed money lenders in Singapore gets updated every month. Visit it before applying for legal loans to avoid blocklisted moneylenders in the country. 

Check the list on their official website at

List of Best Licensed Money Lenders in Singapore

Ask About The Loan Application Process

A loan application follows a procedure. It includes an assessment of your credibility and capacity to repay. In addition, it seeks the paperwork. It’s not as tedious as before, but the application flow is still there. Plus, the income tax assessment is vital in your loan application. 

A licensed money lender sticks to it, but a loan shark jumps from one step to another. As a result, illegal lenders neglect essential factors before approving your loan. Also, they prefer to grant loan approval through phone or email. So if there’s no particular workflow upon inquiry, consider them a red flag. 

Inquire About Necessary Documents And Other Loan Requirements

Documents are essential when taking out legal loans from private money lenders. It helps in the assessment and validation of your credibility. 

As a borrower, you only need to submit a copy of the requirements. However, giving your original identification, Singpass ID, and other paperwork is a big red flag. Furthermore, loan sharks tend to retain your NRIC card and personal documents. So when a money lending facility forces you to oblige, report them immediately. 

Discuss The Interest Rate And Fees with Trusted Private Money Lenders

Request a clear explanation about your legal loan application’s interest rates and fees. A reputable money lender will not hesitate to discuss the standard protocol about interest rates, charges and other expenses. Also, they take time to clarify all sorts of misunderstandings. 

On the other hand, loan sharks divert your attention whenever you inquire about details. Some even ask for more than what is mandated by the law. Worse, they provide vague information. When you encounter such a scenario, cut your communication with them immediately. 

Observe The Behaviour During Face-To-Face Assessment

A physical office is still necessary for licensed moneylenders with digital loan services. Although you made an online application, face-to-face verification is vital. Wait for a reputable moneylender to request you to visit them at their office address. Then, expect the loan executive to conduct an interview. 

Without the one-on-one physical verification, your loan disbursement is questionable. Have a doubt if you receive a notification through text message or phone call? High chance it came from illegal moneylenders. Remember that unsolicited loan approval through phone calls is from unlicensed moneylenders. In addition, the use of abusive language and threatening behaviour is a warning. 

Request For A Copy Of The Note Of Contract

The Note of Contract is the most important document you must keep. Best licensed money lenders in Singapore never hesitate to give you your personal copy. 

However, loan sharks won’t hand you one. Also, they may ask you to sign an incomplete or blank contract. So never oblige on such an act. 

Ask If They Report Payment History to Moneylender Credit Bureau

Assessing reputable moneylenders is not only about their physical and behavioural aspects. Borrowers also need to see if they are responsible lending companies. A legal moneylender accurately reports all the payments to their Credit Bureau. 

However, unlicensed moneylenders skip this obligation. So don’t be shy to ask if they comply with their responsibilities. Refusing to answer your questions is a sign that they are illegal lenders. 

Read a Licensed Money Lender Singapore Review

Another quick way to figure out if a moneylending facility is licensed or not is through feedback. Spend some time reading the reviews about licensed moneylenders Singapore. You’ll get an idea of which among the number of moneylenders in the country is worth your time. 

Borrowing money means you need a quick cash loan for an urgent reason. But if you deal with loan scams, you might build a neverending debt. So don’t be a victim. Instead, be aware of the characteristics of a licensed money lender from an unlicensed moneylender. Also, if you encounter them, report them to ROM immediately. 

Tips Before Getting a Loan From a Lender With Money Lending License In Singapore

We understand the need for instant loan cash. However, getting legal loans from private money lenders is straightforward. 

Prioritise Your Income And Expenses

Taking out a loan might be due to an emergency, business, or leisure. Whichever your reason may be, take a moment to think about it. First, analyse your income and expenses. Then, ask yourself if you have the financial capability to proceed with the loan application. For example, can you repay while juggling other daily payments? 

In addition, think through if it’s indispensable to borrow money. If yes, proceed with your intention to get legal loans. Remember that taking out any loan has a ripple effect. It can help you cope with your financial struggle. Or you might end up swimming into a pile of debts. So always borrow the amount that you need and can repay. 

Identify The Loan Type You Need 

Once you figure out that you need loan cash, determine which type of loan suits your financial conditions. Best licensed money lenders in Singapore have various loan products and services. You might be overwhelmed by the different kinds. Here’s a quick discussion about it. 

Secured Loans

Some legal moneylenders offer the service, like banks. Borrowers can take out a loan while leaving collateral behind. Putting your asset forward assures the lenders that you’ll repay the loan responsibly. 

Failure to do so means the lender has the right to seize your asset. Therefore, it cuts down their risk when they approve your loan application. 

Unsecured Loans

It is the typical loan product and service offered by the best licensed money lenders in Singapore. Borrowers don’t need collateral to get approved. Instead, it verifies your eligibility through your annual income and citizenship. 

Personal Loan 

Applying for a personal loan is relatively fast. Trusted moneylenders take approximately 1 to 2 working days for approval. In addition, it offers a more considerable sum of cash loans compared to other loan types. That’s why it is the go-to option for most borrowers. 

Payday Loan

Taking out a payday loan is the best option when needing immediate cash. Most reputable moneylenders approve loans instantly. You get to pay it off within the next paycheck. However, it comes with lower loan amounts and higher interest rates. 

Every licensed moneylender offers different kinds of loans. It’s up to you to pick the best for your financial situation. Nevertheless, trusted moneylenders assist when choosing your loan. 

Request For Your Credit Record and Avoid Bad Credit

You already have an idea of which type of loan to apply for. Now, you need to get your credit report. Request a copy from the Moneylenders Credit Bureau (MCLB) or Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS). 

Your credit rating is vital when applying for legal loans. Although not all trusted moneylenders check a borrower’s credit report, it’s best to be prepared. Unfortunately, there are instances where personal loans get rejected because of poor credit ratings. 

If you have no records yet, don’t worry. Best licensed money lenders in Singapore still grant a loan application. But they consider other factors before approving or denying. 

Assess Your Eligibility Based on Income and Citizenship

As mentioned above, your eligibility highly depends on your residency and annual paycheck. However, these are not the only basis for private money lenders to arrive at their decision. 


You have a fat chance of getting approved if you’re 21 to 65 years old. This stage reflects a stable job or peak of one’s career. Therefore, the borrower has a regular source of income for on-time loan repayment. 

Meanwhile, those below 21 and above 65 years old are high-risk borrowers. Younger age means no employment or starting on the first job. On the other hand, the older age is already in retirement. Most likely, there’s no other source of income aside from a pension. 


Banks quickly grant loan applications for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents. Fortunately, best licensed money lenders in Singapore approve loans even for foreigners. 


Aside from reviewing the chart above, assess your financial status. Yes, you’re borrowing money for a particular purchase. But the question is, can your monthly earnings cover the additional charges? 

Luckily, licensed private moneylenders provide a loan calculator. This way, you can foresee how much you need for a specific loan amount. Therefore, you can allocate a budget within your monthly paycheck. 

Credit Score

Legal moneylenders need to review a borrower’s creditworthiness through your credit rating. The Credit Bureau keeps track of all your legal loans and repayment history. Reputable moneylenders look into this information. Then, it will help them decide about your loan application. 

Although not all money lending facilities check this, having a healthy credit score still pays. 

Employment Duration

Tenure in your current company is also essential when applying for legal loans. As part of the assessment, you must be employed to get approved. It should be at least three to four months. It indicates that you currently have stable earnings to pay off your new financial responsibility. 

If you know you’re credible and eligible for a legal loan, receiving your quick cash loan is at your doorstep. 

Prepare The Requirements

Gather the pertinent documents to prove your eligibility. Licensed private money lenders provide the list of the requirements to process a loan application. Here’s a list. 

Personal Identification

An ID must contain your age or birthdate. It can be your passport, driver’s license, or any valid ID showing your age between 21 and 65. 

Proof of Citizenship

Best licensed money lenders in Singapore approve loans even to those who are not Singaporeans. 


If you’re a Singapore citizen, present your National Registration Identification Card. 


If you’re a permanent resident or a foreigner, bring your Foreign Identification Number.

Latest Proof of Billing

The purpose is to show your current address. So the bill must be under your name. 

Latest 3-month Payslip

Legal moneylenders assess your income through your paycheck. Present a CPF Contribution or Central Provident Fund to ensure a loan approval. 

Letter of Employment

Trusted money lenders need proof of your current employment status. So request from the Human Resources in your company about it. 

Fortunately, all this paperwork is not as tedious compared to banks. You can accomplish it within a day or two. 

Send Your Loan Application To Your Chosen Licensed Money Lender Near You

Once you have completed all the relevant documents, send in your application. You can drop by their physical office or official website. 

Your chosen reputable moneylenders will verify all the information first. Then, call your attention to attend their face-to-face interview. 

Keep in mind that all original copies must be kept in your hands. Legit moneylenders have no right to demand nor force you to provide the original ones. 

Clarify All Your Queries About The Legal Loans Product And Services

As you go to the private licensed moneylender’s office, a loan officer will have a quick chat with you. Expect a brief interview as they assess all the data you have submitted. 

Afterwards, the loan executive discusses the terms and conditions applied. The fees and repayment terms are also included. The law requires lenders to do it. Listen attentively and take note of fine details. If you have some queries, ask right away. Legit moneylenders provide all the details about their legal loans. 

Claim Your Instant Cash Loan 

Once everything is clear, the loan executive will present the contract. Read it carefully and request your copy. Before signing, make sure nothing is bothering you about the loan contract. 

Then, wait for your quick cash disbursement. Claim it directly from the cashier. Make it a habit to count the money before leaving the counter. Always ask for the official receipt. 

Being knowledgeable about the policies and procedures of legal loans is practical. It saves you from being a victim of unlicensed moneylenders. Also, it helps you solve your current financial trouble. 

What To Do After Approval Your Legal Loans Application by a Licensed Money Lender?  

Getting a positive response and receiving your loan cash is not the end of your application. Hence, it’s the beginning of your responsibility. Take note of the following to keep yourself on track. 

File Your Documents

Your Note of Contract and payment receipts are vital for your instant cash loan. Keep it for future reference. In case of unexpected troubles, you’ll have them as proof of diligence. No worries. A licensed money lender provides all essential documents to their borrowers. 

Be Diligent With Your Repayment

Always remember your repayment schedule. Keep in mind that forgetting your financial responsibility has consequences. For example, you wouldn’t want to pay more because of late payments, right? 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to recall your dues. Follow these tips for your convenience. 

Set A Phone Reminder

We all use our mobile devices daily. Set the alarm on your phone two to three days before your next bill for easy access. This way, you can set aside funds for the due payment.

Include In Your Planner

Writing things down helps you remember easily. So, plot in your journal all your repayment dues. Also, it enables you to track how long you’ve been paying and how many more repayments you need to settle. 

Automate Repayment

Set automation if your means of paying off your loan through online transactions. This way, it automatically transfers funds to the licensed money lender as your payment. It saves you time and money. Incurring late payment fees would be the least of your concerns. However, don’t forget to check for sufficient funds in your account. 

Private licensed moneylenders send notice before the due date. They understand borrowers take out a loan due to financial constraints. So, they help you avoid creating more debts. Thus, you repay lenders on time. 

Always Communicate With Your Licensed Money Lender

Communication plays a vital role when you get legal loans. It is a must to talk to your loan executive before loan approval. Also, staying in contact with them after receiving your quick cash loan is necessary. 

If you’re having issues with your repayment, call them immediately. Explain your current situation so they can provide alternative solutions. In this manner, you might save yourself from impending financial doom. Also, you can avoid any possible lawsuits. 

Leave a Moneylender Review to Help Others Find a Legal Moneylender

A borrower identifies a legit moneylender near the area from previous client feedback. So help another aspiring borrower by providing a good review. 

Be honest and transparent with your experience. A walkthrough on applying until you claim your loan cash is a big help to others. 

Get to Know How to Increase Your Loan Amount

Taking out a loan creates an impact on your credit score. Whether you can make a better standing or pull your record down is up to you. If you’re a responsible borrower, you can increase your future loan limit through the following. 

On-Time Payment

Paying off your financial obligation shows that you’re a responsible borrower. It helps improve your credit rating. So it is visible when other private money lenders review your record. As a result, a higher loan amount is feasible in your next loan application. 

Apply To The Same Legal Moneylender

Being loyal to your trusted moneylender has its perks, too. First, you’re sure that they are reputable and legit. Second, you’re familiar with their loan products and services. Third, you have an idea of how to settle your financial responsibility. Last, you have a better chance to get future loans for a larger amount. 

Borrowing money from a reputable money lender is not about receiving the loan cash. What you do afterwards reflects the kind of borrower you are. So, do your best to follow these tips above once you get approval from your legal loan.

Frequently Asked Questions About Licensed Money Lenders

How To Settle Licensed Money Lender?

Before you apply to any lender, consider other financial assistance schemes first. Various Government agencies in Singapore are available. Check it out. 

If you deem to take out legal loans from a licensed money lender, take time to shop around. Different money lending companies offer favourable terms. However, never rush to commit yourself to any loan. 

How To Check Money Lender License?

There’s an increasing number of scammers and illegal moneylenders. Therefore, borrowers need to check the list of best licensed money lenders in Singapore. The ROM updates the list every month for safety and security. Visit the website to see the complete list of licensed moneylenders in the country. 

Who Needs A Money Lender License?

Any moneylending business in Singapore needs a license to operate. Without it, a lender is considered illegal. Thus, it calls for a suspension to continue lending to Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.

Is Licensed Money Lender Safe?

Taking out a legal loan from all licensed money lenders governed by MinLaw is safe. But applying for illegal moneylenders isn’t. So always check if the moneylending company is enlisted in the official list. 

How Much Can I Borrow From Money Lender?

A secured loan has no cap for the loanable amount. But with unsecured loans, there’s a maximum amount to follow based on your annual income and citizenship. 

How Can I Borrow Money Fast?

Borrowing from a private licensed moneylender is a quick way to do it. If you’re a potential borrower with due diligence to repay the loan, instant loan cash is the least of your concerns. 

Can I Apply For A Bad Credit Loan In Singapore?

A borrower’s bad credit score leaves a poor impression. As a result, financial institutions, banks, and lenders will have second thoughts about your loan application. Fortunately, best licensed money lenders in Singapore accept legal loans for those with poor credit history. Instead, they assist you in building a good credit score. 

Now and then, we face unexpected expenses. When this happens, we must be strong and find the best licensed money lenders as our alliance. Cash Mart Singapore is a trusted moneylender that approves legal online loans instantly. It upholds the values of excellence, integrity, and honesty. That’s why it is advantageous during challenging financial moments. Plus, it keeps you away from building more debts.