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ANZ iBanking Singapore: Your Guideline to Online Banking

Hectic schedules, loads of work, not enough time to do some daily errands—the same with banking transactions. Busy people who face the same struggle seek to find more convenient services. Yet, as time passes, the economy evolves, slowly transitioning into the digital world. Thus, things became more accessible and easy. 

In Singapore, banks have been into digital services over the years. With such services, people can now do banking transactions without leaving their homes. That includes ANZ, which many Singaporeans patronize. 

In this article, you’ll learn some facts about ANZ iBanking.

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Internet banking is one convenient way to do banking transactions. It’s one great innovation in keeping track of all your transactions. Before opening an online account, make sure you have linkable accounts. 

Also, check if your computer has the recommended software requirements and settings. It would be best to ensure that your devices are up-to-date and compatible. Be ready with your Customer Registration Number. It is a nine-digit number given to you by the consultant of ANZ. 

Added to that is the four to seven-digit PIN for ANZ iBanking, referred to as the Telecode. 

How to log in to your ANZ SG online account?

First, sign up for ANZ Internet Banking. Then, you must complete the steps for registration on the ANZ iBanking page. 

The second step is to enter your Customer Registration Number. Third, you’ll receive a Telecode that’ll be sent to you. Enter the code and click the “Next” button. 

The next important step is to set up your security access. First, you should enter a valid email address then enter your password. 

Confirm your password, and you’ll be asked to set up your three security questions and answers. You can also personalise your settings for International services and Online Statements. 

Make sure that you read the Electronic Banking Conditions of Use before proceeding. In addition, read the Security and Privacy Statement stated on the website. 

After you are all done with these steps, select ‘Complete Registration’. 

Why choose ANZ Bank SG?

ANZ Singapore is a great bank to choose from. The company commits to giving back to the community through inclusion and diversity. The bank also has worthwhile projects:

  • Emergency & Disaster Relief
  • Financial Inclusion & Capability

They keep up with the trends with an increasing focus on skills-based volunteering. As a result, ANZ is also the Top 5 Corporate Bank in Asia. 

ANZ iBanking makes sure to combine its local knowledge and connections. They focus on product expertise and core industry specialisation. 

It can tailor solutions that best suit our client’s needs in Singapore. We also cater for customers across the other 32 markets where we operate.

What are the benefits of having an ANZ Savings Account?

Create a savings account in ten minutes through ANZ’s online services. It is beneficial to have a savings account. 

Having one will let you earn interest and get access to your savings account. Plus, you’ll get rewarded with bonus interest. Another benefit you’ll get is that it has no minimum balance. That said, you’ll enjoy the financial services without any service costs. That will save you money. 

Also, an ANZ savings account can be your payment tool for your bills. It’s one advantage, especially for busy people who can’t make any time to pay the bills.

Log in to ANZ iBanking to open an account. Once you see the ‘Apply’ option, click the ‘Open’ button. Afterwards, you will find a list of options. Then, you can already select the account type you want to open. 

Complete the account opening form and read the terms and conditions. Ensure that all your details are correct. Then, confirm the details of your account. After checking, click the “Accept and Submit” button. 

Some documents are needed when opening a savings account. You will need to prepare a valid ID to confirm your identity. Prepare your passport or driver’s license. 

How can you contact ANZ SG?

You can contact ANZ Bank SG through their landline and email. Their contact numbers are as follows:

  • 18006227230 
  • +6566377939 
  • +6566377674

You can also reach them through their email address:

How does ANZ Time Deposit work?

When investing in Time Deposit, you’ll need to choose how much money you will put in. Please consider how long you want to keep it until it matures and how often you wish to receive the interest. 

You may even want to know how you wish to receive interest payments. You can now access your account using ANZ Internet Banking if you have already decided. 

ANZ iBanking is a tool to view or change where you want to receive payments. At the end of the term, the bank will either pay the balance of your term deposit or re-invest. Re-investing will only apply if you haven’t informed them what you want to do with your funds. 

Getting a Time Deposit account is beneficial. You get to enjoy the security of a fixed rate of interest. You can enjoy this over the investment term of your choice. 

The options you’ll get about the length of terms are from seven days to five years. You can receive the interest payments depending on how often you want to. It could be monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annually. 

When you get a time deposit account, you must have an existing ANZ everyday account. ANZ savings account would count as well. 

Please note that Time Deposit doesn’t have monthly service fees. But there’ll be a minimum deposit. If you’re new to ANZ, going to a bank branch would be necessary. Speak with their staff to guide you and further help you with any concerns.


In 1974, established is the Bank of ANZ Singapore. Over the years, the company built a significant development in the country. Thus, it carries its vision to provide trade and cash flows to customers. 

Customers developed a bond with ANZ Singapore, even to Australian and New Zealand markets. The company made history in Asia, especially in Singapore. With its quality of products and services, ANZ ranked as a top-5 corporate bank by Greenwich. 

Along the way, customers developed a bond with ANZ Singapore. Thus making ANZ Singapore a vital part of ANZ’s Institutional banking strategy.

Additionally, the company was able to connect our customers’ domestic requirements. It was made possible with the help of the 33 markets across the Asia Pacific. Such demands developed in Australia and New Zealand. That also includes great countries like Europe, America and the Middle East. 

What’s more about ANZ Singapore?

There is a wide range of products under ANZ’s institutional and corporate customers. Which, ANZ Singapore became home to our main markets outside Australia. They keep focusing on strategies, improving the financial well-being of our customers. They ensure they have the right people who listen, learn and adapt.

Also, the company puts the best tools and insights into their hands. They focus on those crucial things that add value to customers by doing them right the first time. 

The company believes that delivering strategy will provide decent returns for shareholders. Thus, it lets them achieve a balance between growth and returns.

The team put all efforts into making their vision into reality. They strive to build a more straightforward yet better-balanced bank. Yet, even during this information era where we are right now, ANZ continues to compete.

In doing business, the company continued to serve citizens. However, the driving purpose and values-led transformation keeps them moving forward. 

Moreover, ANZ Singapore ensures the development of new services. That includes a wide range of distribution options. Also, they develop new initiatives to enhance homeowners and small business owners. 

ANZ aims to create an integrated trade and cash and markets experience within our institutional business. It is made through while developing and scaling our capabilities. This strategy produced a significant improvement for ANZ over the past four years. And that strengthens its balance sheet and improves its culture. 

Also, they simplified and rebuilt its people’s capabilities. That said, ANZ was able to reduce the costs and risks associated with running the bank.

Digital Banking: From Traditional to Paperless Banking Experience

“Enough with the long queues and waiting time.”

Way before, we do banking transactions manually. For example, you go to the office and apply for a savings account. You talk with staff to guide you throughout the process. And so on. 

But things nowadays are different. Corporations are transitioning to paperless work, where they do banking digitally. Instead of going to the bank’s physical office, you visit them through their website. 

The process is still the same. Though the difference is you don’t talk face-to-face with a bank’s staff. You only have to read instructions and follow them.

With this kind of technological advancement, things became more convenient. It’s not only banks that are adopting the digital platform. 

Almost all entities, including reputable licensed moneylenders, are embracing such adaptation. You get to apply for an account or take instant cash loans like low-interest personal loans, which are so easy. Finish the process in less than 10 minutes. 

Many are still hesitant about doing digital banking transactions. People fear that their data will leak and be used by illegal users. That said, the Ministry of Law Singapore (MinLaw) regulated the whole financial industry. 

If you want to know if such a bank or money lending institution is legal, visit MinLaw’s site. First, search for the official list of financial entities. It’s the easiest way to determine legal institutions. 

All listed entity obeys the law. All data they get are under the protection of the government. So you do no need to doubt about doing bank transactions digitally. 

Ready to leap into digital banking? All you need is a laptop, desktop, or even your mobile phone, plus an internet connection. That’s simple and easy!