Cash Mart Pte Ltd is one of the very few licensed moneylenders in Singapore that strictly operates independently where clients information are kept fully confidential and not distributed. As a licensed personal loan moneylender in Singapore, we do not advertise nor solicit any advance fees for pre-approved loans through SMS, over the phone or emails. In case of any issues, contact us at 6397-4111 or

Private Money Lender in Singapore

For over 50 years, Cash Mart stays committed to building relationships
with customers by providing the best lending experience they deserve.

Corporate Profile

Cash Mart Private Limited (CMPL) believes that each Singaporean deserves reliable financial solutions.

CMPL is fully compliant to the Moneylenders Act as a licensed private money lender offering a wide range of lending choices. Founded in 1969, we are still compelled to help every individual and small business with consistent quality loan services.

We are located in Balestier where you can find Singapore’s old-world charm with a vibrant neighbourhood. We take pride of our of small-cap express loans which we personalise for every customer’s financial needs of modern life - turning their worries into sighs to relief.

Our Brand

As a reputable licensed moneylender, Cash Mart recognises that markets do fluctuate but values don’t. This is why we have stayed by our customers and colleagues side through their good and challenging times.

We supported aspirations and lightened financial pressures because we believe that building a lasting relationship with every customer is our strongest asset.

Core Values

Our core values is the key to our five decades of success. It defines how we treat our clients and colleagues. Setting high standards on how we work leads to giving consistent premium services.


Integrity means we are willing to work with transparency and honesty. We consistently choose to do what is right rather than the easiest. Each loan application goes through a due process and careful considerations. This elevates our sense of professionalism at all times.


Every customer has his own unique needs, aspirations and dilemma. As responsible lenders, we help them reach their dreams and solve their problems with personalised loans. We help customers choose the best loan terms that will elevate their financial status.


We spent years to become the best licensed moneylender in Singapore. And we will always challenge ourselves to deliver the highest quality service. We push ourselves to promote personal and professional growth to continuously exceed our goals.

Our Approach

We treat every loan application with the utmost care. Aside from securing every information the customers share, we are also careful when approving terms.

In particular, we have established better lending criteria to ensure responsible lending. This is managed according to a client’s assessed cash flow and sources of income. Cash loans from private moneylenders are useful financial tools. And we do our best that you get the best tailor-fit loans for you.