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10 Best Restaurants in Singapore 2021

Is Singapore part of your travel bucket list? I bet it is! 

You know, you can see many panoramic views in this beautiful country. But let me tell you this: your travel won’t be complete without trying the best cuisines in Singapore. 

The food journey is like getting to know the country’s heritage cuisines. You can find a myriad of restaurants scattered around Singapore. Too many options are in place. To help you select where to dine, we highlight the ten best restaurants in Singapore you must consider to dine in.

Are you ready to please your taste buds here in Singapore?

Dine-in to these 10 Best Restaurants in Singapore 




Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan


Birds Of A Feather



Salted and Hung

Burnt Ends


Restaurant Kin for best restaurants in Singapore

Who would have resisted the taste of Peranakan dishes? It’s one of Singapore’s cultural foods. However, as time passes, we almost forget some heritage specialities and slowly vanish.

The good thing is that there’s someone who values heritage cuisines. One of them is Chef Damian D’Silva-recently, concluded as MasterChef Singapore. 

For him, heritage foods add identity to you and the country. Chef Damian preserved his granddad’s cookbook and followed his path by serving these long-forgotten recipes.

Heritage cuisines served in Restaurant Kin are filled with heart and soul. It’s where you will discover and rediscover Singapore’s rich culinary identity. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Restaurant Kin

Restaurant Kin has a lot to offer. You can try different heritage food recipes culminating from Chinese, Peranakan, Malay, Teochew, Hakka, Indian, and Eurasian cultures. 

From all the cuisines listed on the Menu, never forget to try Kin’s iconic Buah Keluak Fried Rice. In every bite, you’ll savour the flavourful inky-black buah keluak.

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Chef Damian D’Silva lit up the Straits Clan’s lobby lounge, where members and visitors could gather over great cuisines in Singapore. 

You’ll surely appreciate a simple but elegant place to dine at as you enter the place. Kin’s staff are friendly, keen, and attentive in serving, giving you a delightful experience. 

Also, the truly outstanding and exquisite foods in Restaurant Kin will lift your spirits and leave the place so satisfied. 

Kin, one of the best restaurants in Singapore, also offers delivery service. With genuine service, the Kin Team is delivering food on time.

Restaurant Kin Operating Time and Contact

Restaurant Kin Operating Time and Contact


Allium for best restaurants in Singapore

Dine into Allium and make your buds savour every mouth-watering cuisine they serve. This fantastic restaurant, helmed by the lovely couple – Chef Dillon Ng and Chef Luisian Hendrika (Lulu) – is doing Singapore’s best evolving seasonal dishes. 

Before Allium, Executive Chef Dillon Ng worked with The Humble Loaf and GastroSmiths and Pastry Chef Louisiana Hendrika from Sukha Delights in Bandung, Indonesia. 

In addition, Allium is on the list if you’re searching for the best-curated sake and wines! It’s a place where you’ll have an exceptional experience with Food & Wine.

Most Loved Cuisine in Allium

Try Allium’s 18-dollar ($18) Kaya Cream Choux Buns. Their famous big buns are filled with creamy pandan coconut sweetened by gula aren. Note that this 18-dollar bun is good for two (2). 

If you want, Allium offers the signature Kaya sold at ten dollars ($10) per jar weighing 210 grams. Have one at home and enjoy the flavourful cream of Kaya. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

The dining place of Allium is like a little restaurant with a 16-seat diner. It’s like a hideout with rich, well-thought and straightforward cuisines to serve. 

The most loved part of Allium’s brunch menu is that they serve cuisines which minimally use beef, yet plenty of vegetables. 

Allium is on a reservation-only basis. It’s a perfect place to have a small family gathering or celebrate an occasion with friends or colleagues. 

Allium Operating Time and Contact

Allium Operating Time and Contact


Preludio for best restaurants in Singapore

Preludio is a state-of-the-art restaurant filled with Chef Fernando’s contemporary dining concepts. Cuisines are all made from the creator’s imagination, unfolding great flavours.

Together with the team, Chef Arèvalo innovates cuisines out of freedom, experimenting and revolving ingredients. They follow what concept they have arranged. 

What made the team unique was developing a concept of creating different chapters where foods tell stories. Stories that only a mixture of flavours can tell. Each chapter ends every 12 to 18 months. 

Preludio debuted its first chapter, “Monochrome” in November 2018, where every dish is served “black and white”. In 2020, all cuisines served were inspired by the “Time”. 

Now that “Time” comes to an end, Preludio prepares for the new chapter, “The Two Roads”, inspired by the Experience, where they will give you a choice between two roads, which either be the “capture” or “release”. 

Ingredients used in dishes served on the “capture” road are minimalist-inspired and chosen carefully. While on the “release” road, you will select food from various promising dishes made of all-out creative concepts. 

They provide you with the most satisfying dining experience by providing genuine service. 

In Preludio, you’re going to taste delicious foods depending on what chapter you’re into. Yes, you read it right – chapter. Once you dine in Preludio, you’re like reading a book full of stories on every page. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Preludio

Preludio’s previous chapter – Time – the most loved cuisine is the heirloom beetroot dish. The refreshing créme on the side is so delightful and wonderful. It lifts the mood, making the dining experience so perfect.

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Preludio truly belongs to the best restaurants in Singapore. It displays elegance and artistry in everything. You will enjoy everything From the restaurant to its delectable foods. The prompt service of the staff adds positivity and satisfaction to every customer. 

Preludio Operating Time and Contact

Preludio Operating Time and Contact

Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan

Chef's Table by Chef Stephan for best restaurants in Singapore

Here’s another of the best locations to dine in Singapore – Chef’s Table by Chef Stephan. His name has made a significant mark, especially in the Food and Beverages industry. It’s a one-of-a-kind place to dine where a repetition of dishes is not in their vocabulary.

Chef Stephan is very dedicated and passionate about reinventing and innovating flavours. It’s what he aims for, to always surprise his diners with the wonders of the best seasonal ingredients through their degustation (omakase) menus.

In Chef’s Table, you as a diner can cross out what you don’t like or don’t feel like eating from the 28 essential ingredients they offer through the degustation “omakase” Menu. 

Omakase is a Japanese term which means “I’ll leave it up to you”. They consider you especially if you have dietary restrictions or are an advocate of vegetarian or vegan. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Chef’s Table

A Michelin restaurant, Chef’s Table, serves new cuisines every single day. There’s no regular menu that a customer can say is the most loved cuisine in Chef’s Table. But one thing is for sure. Whatever is left of your omakase Menu, new creation comes, and you’ll love every bite you take. You can even make your food experience more exceptional with their best beverages.

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Chef’s Table has these simple yet elegant interiors, creating a welcoming ambience for customers. The atmosphere of relaxation makes your dining experience more memorable. 

Moreover, the unique dining experience at Chef’s Table is that Chefs serve food and explain what they prepared for you. It’s a service where you can have a good and comfortable conversation with the Chef. 

You’ll get the most satisfying dining experience in one of the best restaurants in  Singapore through Chef’s Table. 

Chef’s Table Operating Time and Contact

Chef's Table Operating Time and Contact


Cloudstreet for best restaurants in Singapore

After Michelin-starred dining place, the Cheek by Bowl (reincarnated as Cheek Bistro), Chef Rishi is now helming a new whimsical dining place – Cloudstreet. He never fails his fans’ expectations and still gets excellent feedback.

Chef Rishi Naleendra is a talented cook who expresses his self-identity through flavours. Every bite is like you’re reading one page of a breath-taking novel. He truly works with dedication, passion, and commitment to serve diners genuinely. 

A little fact about Chef Rishi is that he’s a Sri Lanka-born chef. His amazingly delicious Sri Lankan heritage cuisines left a great impression on different diners. Through Cloudstreet, Chef Rishi continues to cook and innovate and prove that Sri Lankan dishes are more than we expect.

Dining at Cloudstreet is indeed a one-of-a-lifetime experience!

Most Loved Cuisine in Cloudstreet

Of all the dishes Cloudstreet serves, the Singapore Stout and Liquorice Bread are what diners love the most. They will serve the food while it’s warm and look slightly dense, chewy and sticky. You’ll savour the blend of different flavours in every bite you take, making your palate extremely satisfied. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Cloudstreet is a dining place with an old-fashioned design, giving you a vintage retro atmosphere. The artwork made at the entrance is captivating, making customers feel the utmost comfort.

From the moment you enter the restaurant, you’ll be cared for by the staff, giving you a high-quality service. The staff are very attentive to every customer’s needs.

Cloudstreet Operating Time and Contact

Cloudstreet Operating Time and Contact

Birds of a Feather

Birds Of A Feather for best restaurants in Singapore

Another laid-back dining destination in Singapore is the Birds of a Feather. If you’re fond of eating Western cuisines, this is a must-place to go. 

The Contemporary Western dishes in Birds of a Feather are loved by many. It’s a food inspired by Sichuan flavours, such as either sweet and spicy or sweet and sour. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Birds of a Feather

The most loved cuisine in this precious diner is the Bird’s Signature Burger. Let your palates taste the juicy patty, which you can choose to have it either well done, medium well, medium-rare, or medium. 

It combines flavourful foie gras and sweet caramelised onions, while the greeny lettuce adds life. Chilli soy tapenade will fire up your appetite, along with fried potatoes and greens. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Birds of a Feather has a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere matching the unique and extraordinary cuisines. The indoor plants make the whole dining place breathable and very comfortable. The staff are all ready to genuinely serve you. They are very attentive and easy to approach. 

Complete your food adventure with Birds of a Feather’s selected and curated wines. 

Make a reservation with this beautiful dining place and have an extraordinary dining experience. 

Birds Of A Feather Operating Time and Contact

Birds of a Feather Operating Time and Contact


51 SOHO for best restaurants in Singapore

Have you tried to dine at the 51 SOHO? You can easily find it at Telok Ayer Market. 51 SOHO is serving delectable menus of Modern European and Modern Asian cuisines. The dining place suits occasions or gatherings like business meetings, romantic dates, or even parties. Behind the 51 SOHO’s successes are the same behind the Sichuan-inspired restaurant – Birds of a Feather.

Most Loved Cuisine in 51 SOHO

One of the most loved cuisines in 51 SOHO is the delicate and savoury Lemongrass Chicken Skewers, worth $16. 

You can also try one of the best cocktails in 51 SOHO – Jiang Xiao Bai. The taste of the fiery cocktail Jiangxiaobai came from the high-quality sorghum or Kaoliang. It is a delicious cocktail and a unique traditional liquor in Singapore. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

51 SOHO’s dining has this narrow and long layout indoors, making it a perfect place to have a date night. You get delicious food served by attentive and friendly staff and access their high-speed network connection. The atmosphere around the area is terrific, making your dining experience remarkable. 

51 SOHO Operating Time and Contact

51 SOHO Operating Time and Contact


Artemis for best restaurants in Singapore

Who couldn’t resist eating at a dining place while enjoying the stunning scenery of Singapore’s skyline?

One of the state-of-the-art and best restaurants in Singapore you must visit is the Artemis overlooking Marina Bay Cityscape’s beauty.

Behind Artemis are two talented and genius people – Executive Chef Oliver Hyde and Operations Director Wes Guild. The dedication that both share is so deep, aiming to serve quality food and premium wines. It is always about giving the best moment and dining experience for the customers of Artemis. 

Dishes are all but from the imagination of Chef Oliver. He’s a one-of-a-kind cook who uses fresh and organic ingredients in experimental foods. If you want to try the Mediterranean region’s flavours, Artemis will be the best place to go. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Artemis

Try the tasty and juicy Iberico Pork Secreto. It’s what most people recommend to try out in this lovely dining. Add to that is the Cauliflower Salad rich in Mediterranean spices. Savour the mixture of flavours, and indeed, it’ll make your palate satisfied and happy. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Feel the elegance as you enter the heart of Artemis. The broad glass windows will awe you, seeing the skyline view of Marina Bay. Staffs are ready to serve you humbly, with the excellent taste of dishes plus the refreshing zest of premium wines offered by Artemis. 

The magical place of Artemis is also open for special events like weddings, with dining available for 120 people and a private room seating up to forty. 

The warm and welcoming atmosphere makes it the best relaxing place to have yourself a treat after your long week of work. With its stylish contemporary decorations, you can feel the charm that makes it the best place for couples to take their first toast as lifetime partners. 

Artemis Operating Time and Contact

Artemis Operating Time and Contact

Salted and Hung

Salted and Hung for best restaurants in Singapore

Salted and Hung is a must-try Australian restaurant that conceptualises minimal waste, helmed by Chef Drew Nocente. Chef Drew turns the forgotten parts into a special dish that will surely surprise you. 

Cooking and charcuterie are the Chef’s expertise, especially in curing meats. Besides that, Chef is also skilled in some culinary tricks such as smoking, pickling, and grilling. 

Grew in Brisbane, Australia, Chef Drew Nocente learned and slowly built his cooking foundation. He earned every knowledge by watching and assisting his family in cooking in the home kitchen when he was little. Such Experience moulded him, and he became more skilled, especially in charcuterie and grilling skills. 

After working for years, Chef Drew passionately creates and innovates a speciality with his curing meats expertise. He puts all his dedication in showcasing his best cuisines out from forgotten food part and showcases it through Salted and Hung. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Salted and Hung

The flavours of Golden Gaytime never fail to amaze customers. It’s sublime and nostalgic. Another most loved cuisine in Salted and Hung is their signature house-cured charcuterie platter. 

The Charcuterie platter comes with different cold cuts of cured duck breast, sakura pork, bresaola, and the all-time favourite lardo with honey and oil sprinkled. Bit by bit, you get to taste the dancing flavours of every dish, satisfying your tastebuds. 

The Ambience and Customer Experience

While savouring the delicious dish, you’ll enjoy the laid-back ambience of the dining place. The staff here are very accommodating, serving you attentively. 

Beautiful artwork will greet you upon entering Salted and Hung’s dining place. The dining tables are all spaced apart, giving every customer ample space to enjoy their little privacy while eating. 

Every art element put into the restaurant just made a perfect combination, providing a more refined experience to everyone. 

Salted and Hung Operating Time and Contact

Salted and Hung Operating Time and Contact

Burnt Ends

Burnt Ends for best restaurants in Singapore

Finally, the Michelin-starred dining spot Burnt Ends, is one of Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants. This dining place serves the best cuisines, from various dishes and pastries to curated wines. 

Behind the success of this Australian barbeque restaurant is Chef Dave Pynt. The restaurant provides new dishes every single day, leaving a remarkable food experience for diners. 

Most Loved Cuisine in Burnt Ends

If you love steaks, let Burnt Ends please your palate! This dining place knows how to make your tastebuds satisfied and happy. Aside from the juicy steak, Experience the flavourful blueberry pie dessert. Not too sweet, and you’ll love it!

The Ambience and Customer Experience

Burnt Ends has this unique and elegant dining space in Singapore. The staff are accommodating and friendly while genuinely serving the customers.

Everything’s like made handcrafted, from the venue, and staff, up to the food. It’s about excellence in providing the best gastronomical experience you could have in the country. 

Burnt Ends Operating Time and Contact

Burnt Ends Operating Time

Are you ready to take a bite at the best restaurants in Singapore?

Besides travelling to beautiful places in Singapore, the best thing you should do is to experience the heritage of modern cuisines served in the country. If you think there are too many options you get and can’t decide where to go, let this be your guide. 

Here are the must-try dining places you can visit and dine from hundreds of the best restaurants in Singapore. 

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