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satisfied serviced customers

We Take The Stress Out of Borrowing
With 4 Simple Steps

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Fill up our loan inquiry form after using the online loan calculator. Get a call from our loan officer to schedule your visit with us.

Verify Information

Visit us and bring your personal documents. Our loan officer will verify your information as part of our due process.

Get Funds

Get your funds in as fast as 30 minutes after signing your loan agreement with us.


Make sure to repay your loan on time to get a hassle-free higher loan amount. Pay through PayNow, bank transfer or in-person.

We Take The Stress Out of Borrowing
With 4 Simple Steps

I still remember during my toughest time, when I face endless problems in my life, you all have been very understanding and gave me good advice . Thank you David and the wonderful girls for cheering me up. Wish Cash Mart would continue to prosper

Rhea, 34

Singapore’s Guide to Borrowing From
Licensed Money Lenders (2019)

We have to face the truth…

Financial emergencies can happen when you least expect it.

It happens when we thought our finances are well-balanced. Unfortunately, life has its way of throwing us off our plans.

Even with your savings, at times it is not enough for surging bills, medical expenses or additional funds for small business.

You need to quickly take action to avoid your financial troubles into blowing up.

Though we have to admit that money is not our entire life, we can’t deny its importance in our daily lives. Fortunately, online loans can help you every time you’ll need instant cash.

Apply for a loan from a licensed money lender.

The Ministry of Law (MinLaw) created stringent regulations to keep the lending industry competitive for Licensed Money Lenders and secured for the borrowers

One way to know if a money lender is licensed is through its advertisement or the lack of it. Legal money lenders are not allowed to advertise their business.

They can’t use unsolicited SMS, emails, social media and even the various listing. They can’t use printed ads as well.

This is why you will not see any money lending adverts in newspapers, pamphlets, or posters.

The only way to promote their business is through their own official website and within the office vicinity.

When you see a money lender’s advertisement, it’s best to ignore it. It is either a loan shark or a licensed money lender who is doing an illegal promotion. Never respond to any calls, emails or SMS to protect your personal information from unscrupulous lenders.

You can report illegal lenders to the National Crime Prevention Council’s X-Ah Long hotline at 1800-924-5664. You have the option to anonymously submit the information online at Otherwise, call the Police hotline at 1800-255-000.

A lot of private money lenders are now online. They have built their websites to help the borrowers choose the right loan product. Each borrower has unique needs. Create a shortlist of lenders that you are interested in

Once you have searched online, it is time to discover if the private money lender is legal. Sift through the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore. The Registry of Moneylenders frequently updates the list to avoid loan sharks from posing as legal lenders.

But the list does not assure if the private money lenders have the best practices. Keep an eye on the interest rates, late fee penalties and other charges.

This is why you should use a loan calculator. You get an idea on how much you have to pay for a certain loan amount and repayment scheme. If the charges are beyond legal, then the lender is violating the Moneylenders Act.

The internet has brought us massive convenience. This includes the availability of money lenders’ website 24/7

What does it mean for you?

This simply means that you can check the eligibility requirements, fees and charges without visiting the lender. Get a real-time quotation with its online loan calculators.

In fact, you can use the calculator even before you sign up to schedule your office visit. You get a lot of information without any obligation.

But are you sure that the website is authentic?

Sadly, there are loan sharks who imitate a legal lending website to get your information.

So, here are some tips to know if you are visiting the right website of the licensed money lender.

  • The website URL is not misspelt. There is no character that seems out of place. Nowadays, the URLs contain the name of the licensed moneylender. There are no special or random characters.
  • The content has the right spelling and grammar. The licensed moneylenders are not allowed to do paid advertisements. Their only way to attract more borrowers is through their websites. This is why they pay for professional copywriters to do their content. The website is suspicious if the content has too many grammatical errors. Fraudsters do not care much about grammar or spelling. They just want to get more information from you.
  • The website has a security icon. Try to check the website’s URL. There has to be a padlock icon beside the URL. This means the website secures the personal information you share on this site.
  • The URL is the same as the indicated business website in the list of the licensed money lender.

Look for the right licensed money lender when you need a fast cash loan. A lot of us experience financial emergencies every now and then

Are you the type of person who prefers to shop around before starting an application. Or you want to send your application to many direct lenders and accepts the first offer?

With so many options in Singapore, it gets confusing.

The first thing to consider is if the moneylender has the right loan for you. Are you looking for a personal loan, a small business loan or a bridging loan?

Whether you want to grab a rare opportunity or you run out of funds, there is a loan for you. But you have to get it only from a licensed money lender.

Consider the interest rate, other fees, payment options, loanable amount, and eligibility that you can meet.

There are a lot of licensed moneylenders in SG. It’s not surprising if you get overwhelmed.


They are all competing for your attention. Searching for Google is not enough to find the best licensed money lender. You need to dig a bit deeper.

Consider if the lender has a reputable history. If the direct lender has been giving loans for years it means that it has a long list of satisfied clients. Not all licensed money lender are alike when it comes to customer service.

Get a loan from a transparent lender who also helps you become a responsible borrower. This money lender helps you choose a flexible repayment so you do not have to sacrifice your basic needs.

Cash Mart ensures that your loan is right for you that it will not position you in the worst financial standing.

Loans are financial tools to help you get back to financial stability. There are also times when a loan helps you level up your finances. This is not surprising since you can use loans to invest too.

When you look for a good licensed moneylender, know if it helps the borrowers get a loan they can repay. These money lenders are worth building a long-term relationship with. You can treat them as your financial partner.


Licensed money lenders are not allowed to process a loan via phone call. Each loan application needs to go through a due process. This includes data verification in person. You need to take your personal documents to the lender’s physical office.

But you can sign up online to get a priority schedule.

With Cash Mart, you can sign up online to set a schedule with the loan officer. This is the best way to get a loan since you will get prioritized. Then, the loan officer will discuss the best loan product for your needs.

If you are able to provide all the requirements on your visit, you can get your loan in 30 minutes.

Before you sign the contract, check the loan amount, interest rate and other fees. The licensed money lenders are allowed to charge an upfront processing fee of up to 10%

The maximum interest rate is up to 4% a month. If you missed your payment, the lender can charge you a late payment fee and late interest charge.

To avoid the penalties and dragging your credit score, make sure that you pay your loans on time.

When you read your contract, check for the right loan amount and repayment dates too.

Needless to say, you have a lot of options served in a silver platter. Simply search in Google. But there are only a few that can serve you best like Cash Mart.

Here at Cash Mart, we value our relationship with every borrower. We consider ourselves as your financial partner whether you are a Singaporean or a foreigner.

We are not your typical financing company who offers loans for personal and professional purposes.

We are one of the most trusted money lenders in Singapore. In fact, we have been serving our clients for the past five decades. Join the ever-growing list of satisfied borrowers today.

Our borrowers now have various ways to pay their loan even in the comforts of their home. Cash Mart is now part of the PayNow Corporate e-payment service. If you prefer cashless payment, then this option is for you.

You can now pay Cash Mart from any of your online bank accounts. Just input Cash Mart’s Unique Entity Number in your internet banking app. Cash Mart’s EUN is 201423869N. Then enter the desired amount and your NRIC as the reference number. Click NEXT to submit payment.

PayNow is the most convenient way to repay your loans with Cash Mart. You can settle your loan anytime and anywhere to avoid late payment charges.

Find a Money Lender Near You

“Is there a licensed money lender near me?”

Most borrowers want to get a loan from the nearest money lender. It’s because it is still required to personally visit the lender’s office and finalize the loan agreement. Find your location and the best licensed money lender near you.

Legal Money Lending in Singapore
Sharing 49 Years of Rich Experience

The phrase “serving you since 1969” embodies the pride Cash Mart team has carried for over 45 years. As a Singapore-based legal money lender, we uphold our reputation of integrity, honesty, and excellence.

As an established legal money lender in Singapore, we are well-versed in market trends, fluctuations, and legal processes on money lending options which has enabled us to provide innovative and a flexible loan option that has always ensured our customers a very affordable yet manageable low interest cash loan solution that is quickly approved and disbursed

Among the list of licensed moneylenders, we were named as Singapore Successful Brand by a leading Singapore business publication. It showcases outstanding businesses with commendable services rendered to the public and its contributions to the economic development of Singapore. It also serves to recognize the excellence and exceptional achievements of organizations.

Cash Mart also boasts a highly experienced team of passionate individuals who strive to provide loan solutions that best meet our clients’ needs. We place our customers’ best interest at heart, and we strive to exceed all expectations to ensure world class client experience. These values are what make us the best licensed moneylender in Singapore.

If you’re concerned where to get extra cash on demand, take a review on Singapore moneylenders and what Cash Mart has to offer.

We’re here to help and we’re ready to take action. No annual fees. No ridiculous interest rates. Just easy, legal moneylending at its finest.

To find out more about our moneylending options, you are always welcome to visit our office at 277 Balestier Road, Singapore or you can call us at 6397-4111.